British Biscuit of the Month: McVities Chocolate Digestives

With the news stocked full of survey results of the nation’s favourite biscuits, we thought we’d better pitch in with our top British biscuit of the month! A chocolate bikkie is a winner for all, and if you don’t like chocolate coated treats, then look away now.

McVities Chocolate Digestives are a time-old favourite that has always been placed at the forefront of biscuit plates and is a welcomed nibble anytime of the day. Who’s to say 9am is too early for a chocolaty treat?!

mcvities 2

This classic is topped with sumptuous milk chocolate that isn’t  sickly (although depending on how many you eat) and will melt lightly between your fingers or when you dunk them into your tea. It’s a lovely mix of sweet and savoury that is always nabbed fast in the British Corner Shop biscuit tin – we fight to the death for the last one.


The digestive biscuit was created in the 19th Century by two Scottish doctors who claimed that the antacid properties of the sodium bicarbonate aided digestion. Now that’s science that we’ll gladly believe – pass us another!

The chocolate version comes in a variety of different flavours; from white to dark, caramel to mint. The original milk choc variety was created in the 1920’s and has never failed to satisfy a biscuit nibbler. It’s even been voted by the British public this year to be the top biscuit to dunk in tea! The classic milk chocolate digestive biscuit certainly is our favourite – why mess with perfection?

Watch our short video of our McVities Chocolate Digestives review, and we promise you’ll be salivating.

We’re proud to be from the nation that created these and they’re a top product that is chased down by expats worldwide. If you’re struggling to get hold of a packet of the digestives, then head to British Corner Shop for a pack today!

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