British Sandwich Recipes Inspiration

As us Brits champion the classic sandwich, we thought it would be best if we gave inspiration of some great sandwich recipes you can indulge in!
You can get a touch overwhelmed with our extensive range of British spreads, pickles and meats that would be perfect for a picnic sandwich, so we perused our top products that we sell to aid you in your quest for a delicious sandwich. The possibilities are endless, but lets first begin with the building blocks of any quality sandwich… the bread.


British Sandwich Recipes

The Bread:

We have an extensive range of breads in our bakery section, meaning that you too can get hold of those classic British breads to hug your sandwich filling. These are our top selling breads and a quick browse will clearly show that people love a variety!

1.Warburtons Premium Brown Bread

2.Warburtons Seeded Batch Bread

3.Warburtons Medium White Bread

4.Warburtons 6 Sandwich Thins White

We also have a delicious range of organic bread from Biona, so if you fancy an Organic Rye Pumpkin Seed or an Organic Amaranth/Quinoa Rye Bread, then look no further!


Quality bread is a must for any sandwich. There’s nothing worse than piling it high and then have the bread disintegrate under your fingers as you take your first bite. What a fail.

And lets face it, if Sylvester Stallone is a Warburtons fan then we place our trust in these loaves.


Boy oh boy, is there a huge amount you can choose from! Here’s the run down of our top selling sandwich recipes that you can mix n match if the urge takes you:

1.British Butler Unsmoked Back Bacon

The bacon butty or bacon sarnie is a sure fire way to start your morning off to a bang! Grill or fry these strips and pop in your sandwich for a classic munch that goes perfectly with a variety of sauces.


Try it with lettuce and tomato to create a BLT (that’s Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) or lettuce, avocado and tomato (a BLAT). Why not go all out and have a BLEAT (bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado, tomato) – it’s delicious even though we’re kind of making up the abbreviation now.


2.Richmond Thick Irish Sausages

Whether you slice your sausages up or pop them whole into your sandwich, you’ll be dining on a real hearty feast. Grill or fry the sausages and prick their skin to ensure they don’t explode greasy oil all over your shirt.


If you wish to hike it up a notch, spread relish and add a few sprigs of peppery rocket to the sandwich and it will look gourmet in no time!

3.Cold Cut Meats

Now this is what we love! A classic honey roast ham sandwich or a corned beef sandwich is simple, tasty, nutritious and versatile. You can dress it how you like, add as much salad as you like (if any!) and it suits every type of bread.


For the meat eaters among us, this is a great addition to any picnic as you can throw the ingredients into a cool box and go to town with arranging your preferred sandwich in the sun.

We provide the best cuts from Jon Thorner’s, a trusted and quality local butcher, so you can be sure you’ll be tasting the best!

4.Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps

This might sound bizarre to those who have never tried it, but a crisp sandwich is a nostaligc choice for many Brits. It may have been created from curious children who had no judgement on what is supposed to go in a sandwich, or by parents who ran out of sandwich fillers (this will do!). However it originated, it’s a naughty treat that tastes great! (public domain image)

Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps was closely followed by Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps.


Cheese sandwich recipes can be created as simply as slabs of cheese between two pieces of bread, or you can jazz it up. We have a range of cheeses, but the top ones ordered include Dewlay Red Leicester Cheese, Dewlay Double Gloucester Cheese and Wensleydale & Cranberry Cheese.

Which takes your fancy?


Our Facebook fans pitched in their favourite cheese sandwich recipes and they sound darn tasty!

“Cheese and chutney, then again, cheese, onion and crisp butties sound good around now! Crisps piled high and squished – Awesome!” – Jeremy

“Sweet Red Onion, Cheshire Cheese , salt & pepper with HP Sauce.” – Barry

“Homemade bread (sliced not too thick), spread on butter and slice the bread in half. Top one half with a slice of cheese, a dollop of branston, another slice of cheese, and top with the other half of the buttered bread and eat!! Sometimes a slice of raw onion in place of the Branston if little fingers are trying to steal a bite” – Polly


We thought we better include some veggie options, and a quick look at our top sellers include Spring Onion, Cucumber and Mustard & Cress! Now these veggies can create delicious sandwich recipes!


Whether you’re a salt and cucumber fan, an egg and cress lover or love to add in some spring onion to zing up your fillings, it’s so easy to get some greens into your sandwich.

If you fancy trying your hand at creating the perfect egg and cress sandwich, try out this fab recipe: Miss Sue Flay – How to make the perfect egg and cress sandwich.


1.Branston Pickle

Understandably this came top of the list! What could be better than thickly spreading some Branston Pickle on your bread with either some slices of robust cheese or zingy onion?


The first jar was created in 1922 and continues to be a British favourite for sandwiches and ploughmans lunches. Spice, sweetness and crunch; it really packs a lot into a bread roll!

We’re big fans of the Branston tang and if you’re yet to try this, then you need to indulge in this special spread.


True, you do either love it or hate it, but this salty spread has been well-loved by the British public for years. Although it is very popular as a traditional spread for toast, never disregard it for a yummy sandwich filler!


Team a Marmite sandwich with some slices of cheese or healthy avocado to bulk it up – you’ll be surprised how well the avocado goes with the yeast extract!

Alternatively, you can add slathers of butter to create a gooey mixture in side, or just keep it relatively simple with a smear of Marmite. However you eat it, you’ll still be getting a lovely dose of Vitamin B and folic acid.

3.Anchor Butter Block

A sandwich without butter gasp That would be a novelty! There are a huge amount of different spreads that you can indulge in, but the classic Anchor Butter Block is a trusty butter that won’t fail you.

It will lubricate and add a creamy flavour to the most basic sandwich, and this will perfectly compliment a fresh cucumber sandwich!


4.Primula Cheese & Chive Spread Tube

This tube of creamy cheese and chive spread can be melted, squeezed and used as a topping. It’s a super versatile product to have in your kitchen, and as a spread for sandwiches, it will really add the icing to the cake! Ahem, we mean sandwich.

It’s naturally high in calcium and protein, plus it’s gluten free! Primula also donate profits to charity so you’ll be munching with your conscience at ease.


The cheese and chive flavours can really add a bang to a chicken, smoked salmon or a salad sandwich, and the explosion of flavours will make any picnic attender happy. Simple, yet effective; how we love our food!

5.Philadelphia Light Cadbury Chocolate

We’ve all heard and gorged on Nutella, the chocolate spread of wonder. But have you tired the Philadelphia Cadbury Chocolate spread? Not only is it lighter in calories, but the cheese factor make it a clear winner.


Spread it on crackers or biscuits if you want a lighter bite, or fill a sandwich with it to have an unusual lunchtime treat! It’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth and we would certainly not judge a sandwich laden with this spread! Britain’s best cheese spread combined with Cadbury chocolate is such a great idea, we’re surprised this didn’t come out sooner!

Sauce Inspiration:

The British are big fans of condiments and it’s no surprise considering the range we have on offer! From brown to red, yellow to white; everyone has their favourites. Be sure to try out new sauces to shake up your salads and sandwiches, as variety is the spice of life!


We’ve collected our top selling sauces so be sure to try some new ones this sandwich week.

1.Heinz Salad Cream Squeezy Top Down

2.HP Top Down Brown Sauce

3.Daddies Brown Sauce

4.Baxters Caramelised Onion Chutney

5.Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to get the bread out and try out some lovely British sandwiches this week! You can shop for more delicious fillers and spreads at British Corner Shop, and do comment below on your favourite sandwich! We’re positive we’ve missed out some great combinations, so it’s only fair that you tell us what else we should add to our list to try this picnic season!


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