Top 20 British Food Missed By Expats In France

We love looking at what expats around the world order from us! Many British who leave the UK don’t know what they’ll miss from their British larders and supermarkets until they are no longer readily available in their new country and city. We began British Corner Shop back in 1999 to cater for these needs, and have grown from strength to strength over the years, providing loved British foods to those overseas.


There are certain products that are clear favourites worldwide, but it is incredibly fun for us to dive into our system to see what are the top favourites of individual countries.

What do people miss when living in Germany? How about Italy? Or what British food do people like to munch on in France? We’re able to look at what the top products ordered, and here we present the top 20 British food missed by expats in France.

1.Warburtons Crumpets 6 Pack


This is a classic favourite that is perfect for a chilly eve – toast it and slather the crumpet in butter for a British treat! Warburtons Crumpets sure are a quality food that is hard to replicate!

2.Cadbury Creme Egg


Easter just would not be the same without one of these in your mouth! The debate of how to eat it will rage on until the end of time, but we’re content with munching it quickly in one go!

3.British Butler Unsmoked Back Bacon


A bacon sandwich is such a treat, and with British Butler you can enjoy this hearty meaty meal without being in the UK. We ship chilled products to select EU countries so you can enjoy a Bacon sarnie!

4.Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce


We would love to know where our Heinz Baked Beans end up in the world! It’s a firm favourite with British expats and it’s so versatile! ave it on toast, by itself, on a jacket potato or with a Full English Brekkie. Nom.

5.Richmond Thick Irish Sausages


Another breakfast favourite! No Full English Breakfast is the same without a few English bangers to dip in your yolks. Richmond is a fail safe choice!

So that’s the top 5 British food missed by expats In France, but read on to see the rest of the favourites that British Corner Shop ship out to France!

6.Heinz Tomato Soup
7.Bisto Gravy Granules
8.Richmond 12 Thin Pork Sausages
9.British Butler Smoked Back Bacon
10.Branston Pickle
11.Ginsters Cornish Pasty
12.Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix
13.Marmite Large
14.Robertsons Classic Mincemeat
15.Branston Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
16.Batchelors Chip Shop Mushy Peas
17.PG Tips Tea Bags 240
18.Heinz Baked Beans 4 Pack
19.McVities Ginger Nuts
20.Heinz Baked Beans and Pork Sausages Large Size


Is there anything in this list which surprises you? As a British expat, what do you miss? Comment below!

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