10 British Snacks that are so delicious, they should be illegal

British snacks are so gosh darn good, that we sometimes have trouble picking out our favourites from the range available!

Brands have really upped their game in producing new and exciting flavours to classic products and there’s always something delicious to try.



We had a browse through our selection on British Corner Shop and have unearthed a wealth of delicious foods that everyone should sample as soon as possible. They are so good that we’re a bit scared to buy a whole pack as we would definitely eat the whole lot in one sitting!

Cadbury Salted Caramel Fingers

We’re all familiar with the classic Cadbury Chocolate Fingers with milk chocolate, but have you tried the new salted caramel fingers?

Sweet and salty with that biscuit centre make this our new snack of choice. Perfect for cracking out at a picnic or at home watching TV.

Warning: Eating one soon leads to an empty box.

Cadbury Fizzy Cola Mini Rolls

Who the heck thought this up? Some genius of course. Combining the cake treat with the zingy fizz of cola bottle sweets, these cakes are certainly surprisingly good!

Individually packaged to ensure each roll is kept fresh, they’ll keep for ages! See how people react with the combination of flavours, but we guessing they’ll be snatching the pack out of your hands.

Warning: It may end in a punch up for the last mini roll.

Alpen Light Jaffa Cake

We all know that orange and chocolate is a match made in heaven. but to put this in a cereal bar that is light in calories is just asking for trouble!

You’re free of the guilt of eating a calorie-ridden chocolate bar and you’re basically eating cereal. Well, that’s how we justify it to ourselves.

Warning: Your breakfasts may end up consisting solely of Alpen Jaffa Cake bars forever more.

Nakd Cocoa Delight

Nakd bars are stocked full of goodness as they are whole foods that are packed with protein and have no added sugar. No added sugar?! But how do they stay so darn sweet and tasty?!

They smoosh blended fruit and nuts together to make a solid gluten-free bar, and then they add cocoa to give it that chocolaty taste that everyone champions. It’s a whole food revolution that now has a crispy crunch added to it in these Cocoa Delight bars. What’s not to like?

Warning: You may try to recreate the bars at home with a blender, to only end up very disappointed.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Puddles

The god of the chocolate world, Cadbury, has blessed us with these tasty treats. Thick slabs of classic Cadbury chocolate with sporadic pools of filling, giving you a tasty mouthful!

These puddles contain a smooth hazelnut filling in each puddle, giving you a velvety blast of Nutella-like flavours throughout your experience. That’s right. It’s an experience.

Warning: You may be fooled into thinking all puddles have tasty surprises.

Malteaser Teasers

Malteasers have been around since the dawn of time, but we can’t believe it’s taken this long for them to turn it into a bar! The same classic Malteaser chocolate is thickened up into a solid bar with scatterings of malt nuggets throughout – What’s not to love?

Break off each curved section to nibble on and it will last a lot longer than a bag of the Malteaser balls.

Warning: Don’t be tempted to melt down classic Malteaser balls to make a bar. It will end in tears.

Whole Earth Smooth Peanut Butter with Mixed Seeds

Whole Earth proudly creates lovely spreads and products that use sustainable palm oils and absolutely no added sugar. This healthy version of peanut butter is gluten-free and contains a natural source of protein that will fill you up for longer!

The sunflower seeds make a perfect marriage with the peanuts, giving more goodness and a seedy taste (in a good way).

Warning: Do not try to eat the jar in one sitting. Trust us.

Jammie Dodgers Jam n Custard

Wait, what? Jammie Dodgers are usually filled with solely jam, so who does this custard think he is?

Fortunately, Burtons come up with a winning combo and the layers of crumbly shortbread hug the popular jam alongside creamy vanilla custard.

It’s a winning biscuit if you dare stray from your classic Dodgers!
QWOP2199Warning: Don’t freak out! It’s only custard. 

 Fox’s Chocolatey Chocolate Shortcake Rings

Any biscuit that says chocolate more than once in its name is a winner. They must be savoured as they contain a staggering 79% chocolate – could this be the ultimate chocolate biscuit?

They have stiff competition with the Chocolate Digestive, but we’d put money on the fact that it will make its way into your top 5 favourite biscuits of all time.

Warning: It’s pure indulgence that will send you to chocolaty chocolate heaven – can you handle it?
Our top 10 British snacks should surely have you drooling all over your screen, so just give in and take a bite!

Which one will you be trying?

First two images from Pixabay.

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