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Have you ever travelled to a new country or settled in a new city and wondered how to meet the locals? Whether you want to meet other travellers or fellow expats in the area, finding friends in your new location can be a touch intimidating and overwhelming!

Getting to grips with the alien geography and new culture can be tough, but socialising over food is a fantastic way to meet new friends and taste new delicacies. We’re a big fan of sharing our favourite foods to overseas friends, but how can you go about it?


You can’t quite walk up to anyone on the street and invite them to your house for dinner, but in today’s modern age of online communities, there are many ways where you can use the internet to your advantage. Sure, there’s forums and Facebook groups, but BonAppetour provides a safe and easy platform for any true foodies and travel lovers in the world.

As an expat, this community immediately opens up a new range of friends who you can connect with. The concept is simple – to connect travellers with local hosts who are passionate about cooking for a home-cooked meal at their homes. “It was an idea born out of personal travel experience”, explained BonAppetour CEO and co-founder, Rinita. “We discovered that we forged much more meaningful connections with the people, traditions and customs of the places that we were visiting that we decided to combine the most loved elements of travel – food and people into a BonAppetour experience”.


Sign up to the online platform and create yourself a profile as either a host or a guest. As a host, you can advertise your own dining experience where guests can pay a reasonable amount to join you for a culinary meet up. You can cook whatever you like; from the food of your home city to the cuisine of the new country that you’re now based in, and offer a lovely eve of chats and foods.

As a guest, you can browse the wide selection of hosts on BonAppetour and see who you would like to meet and what meals have got you drooling already! Search for hosts in your area if you wish to connect and make new friends in your new home city, or connect when you’re off on holiday to expand your international friend-base!


BonAppetour believes that the best food is home-cooked and the best conversations happen around the dinner table. BonAppetour guest, Justin Huang, 30, in New York, was looking for cultural activities in Florence when he chanced upon BonAppetour. He commented “I am glad I got to experience the culture from a different angle than your typical restaurant fare and would highly recommend this experience to anyone!”

With local experiences being on the rise among worldly folk, BonAppetour allows you to really meet the locals and see how they live. They can provide you with the city’s secrets and hidden joys, or a new friendship beyond the hosted dinner!


BonAppetour now has more than five hundred hosts in over thirty cities around the world, and is focusing on expanding their communities in Europe, particularly in popular destinations such as Italy, Spain and France. BonAppetour believes in personally vetting through all their hosts in order to ensure high quality experiences. “We place a lot of importance on the quality of the dining experiences provided by the hosts, and ensure that the hosts embody the same ideals that we do of sharing culture through food.” explained Inez Wihardjo, COO and co-founder of BonAppetour.


Is this something that interests you? You can sign-up to BonAppetour and have a browse of all the exciting opportunities they have available. Why not even sign up to be a host and help welcome newcomers to your country?

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