Food & Travel: Delicious Desserts from Italy

We love exploring delicious foods from all around the world and looking into worldly recipes that we can recreate at home! We sure appreciate the variety of traditional meals from around the world and dishes from different countries.

As our customers live in a huge range of countries worldwide, we’re always keen to hear of their favourite dishes and recipes from where they live. Expat foodies get to try a whole new culture of traditional dishes and if they miss food from their British home… well, that’s where British Corner Shop steps in.

In collaboration with BonAppetour, the ultimate platform to connect foodies, expats and travellers, we had a little look into some of the fantastic Italian dishes that some of their dinner hosts in Italy absolutely adore.


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So with BonAppetour’s foodie expertise in mind, we delved into some of the tastiest traditional Italian recipes that are perfect after a meal. Have a look at our pick of some of the most delicious desserts from Italy:

Torta Caprese


We definitely have a sweet tooth – guilty as charged! So the Torta Caprese pudding piqued our interest immediately.

Originating from the island of Capri, near Naples, this rich and indulgent dessert is thick and moist. And did you know that it is gluten-free?? Instead of flour, ground almonds make this dense cake come together. Sophie Grigson’s Torta Caprese recipe is simply divine!

There are a few ways to serve a Torta Caprese Classica, so have a look at how you could present this brilliant dish to your friends!



If you’re an ice cream fan, then you simply must try Gelato! Gelato is the Italian for ‘ice cream’, but the way it is made differs from the traditional cones you might tuck into from a British ice cream van. Milk, cream, sugars and various natural flavourings go into this smooth and creamy Italian dessert.

Fruit and nut purees help flavour these concoctions and there’s a huge amount of varieties that you can try! Are you a pistachio fan? A nutella nut? Mad about mango? Or a lemon lover? Whatever your flavour, Gelato will cater for your tastes!

There’s nothing better than wandering the warm scenic streets in Italy with a cup or cone full of your favourite flavours. Plus, the winning factor of Gelato is that it is generally lower in fat, sugar and calories than other styles of icecream – a healthy alternative? Sign us up!



Tiramisu is a famous Italian dessert that originates from northern Italy, but is also a firm favourite in British restaurants.

Traditional ingredients include mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, egg yolks, sugar, coffee and Savoiardi biscuits. They marry together to provide layers of tasty flavours which really round off a meal due to the coffee addition. Try making a tiramisu cake or serve tiramisi with ice cream to serve a dessert to be proud of!

There are so many easy tiramisu recipes floating about on the internet (check out Jamie Oliver’s Tiramisu recipe!), but make sure that you don’t make your biscuits too soggy or it will surely be a flop. Be sure to check out the variations to the traditional tiramisu recipe!



We couldn’t leave out some refreshing beverages from around the world, and Limoncello is one of our top favourites.

This sweet Italian lemon liqueur is popular in southern Italy, especially around the Gulf of Naples and the coast of Amalfi. Bright yellow in colour and sweet to the taste, Limoncello is a perfect summer drink when you need something revitalising to sip in the heat!

What is it made of? Of course it has zesty lemons which makes for an intense citrus flavour, but it also has some vodka added to it. Enjoy after a meal as a digestif to refresh your palate, just don’t forget that it must be served cold! Fancy finding out more about Limoncello? Head to BonAppetour’s Food Bites blog for more!

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of some exquisite desserts from Italy, and we hope you try some of the recipes out!

What worldly dessert will you be bringing to the table this eve?

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