Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight celebrates Gaelic grub

Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight is back to dispel any misguided beliefs that Haggis and shortbread are the Nation’s only delicacies!

For two weeks, from 6th to the 21st September, food and drink manufacturers throughout Scotland will present their delicious offerings at farmers markets and locally organised events all around the country, and even into neighbouring England.


Scotland’s geographical location, unique topography and rich natural resources have been utilised for generations, to produce some of the finest foods in the British Isles, and the rest of the world. Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight aims to celebrate all Scottish produce, opening the eyes of consumers to the delicious and eclectic mix of food and drink, made on Scottish soil.

Food tasting, foraging tours, cooking lessons and craft beer festivals are only some of the gastronomic events on offer, ensuring there really is something for everyone during the two-week period.

The two-week event takes place amid Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink, which aims to highlight the country’s abundance of food and drink to visitors and locals alike, encouraging them to eat local.


Although you may find the quintessential Scottish larder stalwarts, such as salmon, haggis, whiskey and shortbread, Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight promises to take you on a culinary adventure through the beautiful and ancient land of Scotland, tantalising your taste buds at every turn.

If you’re a little too far away to attend one of the many Scottish Food and Drink events, take a trip to our Scottish Corner and order your own traditional Scottish products.


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