Top 10 Dishes That Make Winter Worth Living For

When it’s freezing and dark outside, the only thing that can give you the strength to continue the slog into winter is all the hearty and warming food you can munch on. For those who will be suffering the cold during the winter months, you’ve got steaming stews, rich pies, healthy soups and homemade delights to look forward to. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ll leave you to enjoy your warm weather and will just look longingly at your hot temperatures as we creep closer to Christmas.

So winter is coming, and whilst it may be a sad affair for those summer babies who relish the warmth, tuck yourself into the kitchen and immerse yourself in all the foods you can whip up! Here are our top picks, so be sure to get drooling and cooking:

1: Roast Lunch

Ah what a classic! If you grew up in Britain or have recently moved here, it’s highly likely that you’ve indulged in this feast on a Sunday. It’s a traditional meal that is bound to leave you sleepy and satisfied. It makes more sense to eat it in the winter, next to a roaring fire in a cosy pub.

Be sure to enjoy it with Yorkshire Puddings, quality meats and classic Bisto gravy! You’ll have yourself a decent spread.


2: A Meat Pie

A pastry parcel of delectable meat, gravy and veg is a brill British food to dig into when the temperatures dip. The smell of it baking in the oven alone is enough to make you feel like winter is here!


3: Corn On The Cob

Wrap it in tin foil and pop it under a roaring fire or boil it, a hot cob slathered in salt and butter is a delicious veg to feast on during winter. Healthy and succulent; corn on the cob is lovely thing to munch on when it’s frosty outside!


4: Freshly Baked Bread

Try your hand at some home baking! The smell of freshly baked bread is pretty good and is one of the top household smells, but nothing beats cracking open a loaf and seeing the steam rise from your creation. Make sure your cupboards are stocked with home baking ingredients and self-raising flour so you can don your bakers hat and get kneading. Slather your homemade slices in butter and dip into a homemade soup – Winter doesn’t seem that bad now?


5: Apple Pie

The sweet and savoury pie is one of Britain’s favourite desserts! You can try your own by using premade pastry, or if you’re not a cooking genius, just get Mr Kipling Bramley Apple Pies. Remove the foil and heat in the microwave for a lovely treat that goes perfectly with double cream or a scoop of ice cream.

apple-pie-474954_640 (1)

6: Fried Breakfast

Ok, so you can have this any day but with cold weather, it feels a whole lot more rewarding. You need your energy for the freezing day, right?


7: Curry

It sure is a hot dish! The fiery kick of the chili and spices definitely make it a winter warmer, and with the added veggies and fluffy rice it makes for a lovely rounded meal! What’s your favourite? Korma? Green Thai Curry?



8: Hot Chocolate

Stamping the snow off your boots, hanging up you cold wet coat, clapping the feeling back into your hands… the remedy for the cold outdoors is a creamy hot chocolate! Add whipped cream if you’re feeling decadent, or go for an Options sachet if you want to hold back on getting too indulgent.


9: Soup

This is the ultimate warmer. Whether you like to make yours by hand with seasonal vegetables or you like to go for the convenience of a tin, like Heinz Tomato Soup, you’ll feel deliciously nourished after a steaming bowl in the dead of winter!


10: Porridge

Hot dang, if a steaming bowl of porridge doesn’t get you out of bed in the mornings, what will? Whip it up quickly on the stove and throw in nuts, seeds and a dash of honey. If you’re feeling a touch tight for time, then grab a Quakers instant porridge sachet and just add hot water! We highly rate the Golden Syrup variety.



Our brief list of dishes that make winter worth living for should get you eager for the chilly weather – what have we left off the list?

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