The Essential Extras For Any Expat Christmas

We’re slowly building up quite the Christmas hamper! We’re compiling the Perfect Christmas Hamper with a little helping hand from the British expat community and our customers, so we can discover exactly what should go in a hamper to make any British expat smile at Christmas!

The essential extras for any expat Christmas were narrowed down to five products. We selected some of our top sellers and then called for the voting to commence! Here are the results:


Walker’s Mincemeat Tarts: 34%

Tom Smith Crackers: 24%

Cadbury Chocolate Biscuits: 20%

Cadbury’s Tree Decorations: 11%

Shropshire Spice Mulled Wine: 6%

Cottage Delight Christmas Preserve: 4%

essential extras

What Christmas would it be without mince pies? Walker’s luxury mincemeat tarts are a sweet and savoury snack for any wintery evening. The aroma of the mincemeat and the buttery pastry encapsulates Christmas and will make the grumpiest of Scrooges feel a bit of festive warmth.

And of course, a classic cracker is needed at the dinner table so all can pull them apart with a bang and share some timeless jokes – kids will love the small toys that will spray out of the crackers! Pop on the paper hat and begin your feast. crackers by Tom Smith are luxurious and fancy; a icing on the cake of any festive table decor!

Unfortunately, we bid farewell to Cadbury’s chocolate biscuits and tree decorations, and for now you’ll have to go on without some spiced mulled wine… none of these made the cut for the hamper, but we’re pretty sure that they all are essential extras for any expat Christmas.

Be sure to join in on our 4th round of voting as it’s getting close to the crunch time! This week we’re wanting to know what you would want as a seasonal snack – When you settle down with a Christmas movie and start sharing snacks, what takes the biscuit in your house? Tell us now!

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