We’ve Launched Our New Website – British Corner Shop

We have launched our new website! Our faithful old British Corner Shop website has served us well for a number of years now, but it was getting a bit long in the tooth and the time had come to upgrade to a more modern site. Don’t worry though, regular customers will find that the experience feels very familiar indeed, and the new site will be intuitive and simple to use. We have used the design principle “Evolution, not Revolution”!

At the same time as bringing the website up-to-date, we’ve also had a re-brand and a new logo to complete the new look! We’re moving away from using the “BCS” acronym, to our full brand name “British Corner Shop”. Apologies if you have been unable to place an order during the roll out, but all issues have been amended now.

British Corner Shop’s Technical Director, Peter Howarth, describes some of the benefits of the new look British Corner Shop.



Introducing British Corner Shop’s New Website

A Better Experience On Tablets And Mobile Devices


One of the biggest improvements we’ve made is that the website is now designed to work well on tablets such as the iPad, and mobile phones such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

The old website was only designed for use on a laptop or desktop computer, whereas the new site provides a great experience whether you’re using a desktop, tablet or small screen device. You’ll find that the buttons are bigger, and easier to tap with a finger, and the layout and text size is designed for the type of screen you are using.


List Or Grid View Option When Browsing Products

We’ve introduced a new option to choose list or grid view within the shop, so you can fit more products on the page when browsing, which means less scrolling.

Our new ‘add to basket’ system works in-situe, sliding down over the product and giving you immediate feedback about your shopping basket and shipping optimiser. This works equally as well on tablet and mobile as it does on a desktop computer.





A Simpler Layout For Pages

Our primary Product Search, Brand and Group searches are now all located across the top of the website for ease of finding products, meaning we have been able to remove the left hand menu altogether and create simpler page layouts.

We have improved the layout of our product pages, with the ingredients, allergen and nutritional data on one tab, and product reviews on another.



The Checkout Process

The shopping basket and checkout process will feel very familiar, but with much improved visual presentation. The payment pages are also designed to work on mobile devices.

shopping basket


checkout- step3


My Account Area

Again this will feel very familiar to regular customers, with the same content & sections, but a much improved layout and presentation.

The order progress tracking is a particularly nice feature on the new site.




We hope you enjoy the new website. We will be making further improvements continually throughout 2016 and value any feedback you might have. Please use the red “Feedback” tab to let us know what works well, and what doesn’t work for you.

All feedback is collated by the development team and will be used to improve the website experience further, so we really appreciate any and all feedback (good and bad) that you provide.

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