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UK Exports of Baby Milk to China Increasing

Over the years, the UK exports of baby milk to China has been increasing steadily. The sad events in 2008 of the first major outbreak of contaminated milk in China marked the initial rise of baby milk being shipped out, and the unfortunate scandal has forced parents to look further afield for their baby’s milk.

The Guardian reported that the first episode of milk contamination in China occurred in 2008 when three of the top dairy firms in the country were proven to have contaminated their products with melamine; a chemical normally used in plastics. It was initially thought that the contamination was only within the powdered milks, but further tests concluded that liquid milk had also been affected.

When this scandal was made public, grocery chains all over China pulled their dairy products from shelves to prevent further babies consuming the poison. Concerned parents flocked to local hospitals over fears that their babies could suffer from the potential kidney failure that had afflicted thousands and caused deaths. A few years on, China was yet to dispel the concern over the health and safety of their dairy products for infants as 2012 saw a concerning level of mercury within another major dairy firm’s baby formula products.

Parents in China are understandably taking no chances or risks when it comes to giving quality baby milk to their children. Top branded baby milk in the UK brings comfort and trust as they are produced under rigorous health and safety standards. At British Corner Shop, we stock four of the UK’s leading brands and see these popular baby milk brands being exported regularly to China.


Please Note: We are currently able to ship six cartons of baby milk powder per order.

Baby Milk To China: The Top British Brands

baby milk to china

SMA Baby Milk

SMA has been running for 90 years and is at the forefront of the UK baby milk market. SMA produces a large range of baby milk, all of which contain the nutrients and vitamins your baby needs for development at the appropriate ages.

Cow & Gate Infant and Growing Up Milk

Cow & Gate is the number one baby feeding brand in the UK, providing tailored nutrition that babies love. We have over 35 Cow and Gate products available, all of which provide excellent nutrition for your child throughout all early stages of development.

Aptamil Baby Milk

Aptamil has a wealth of experience behind their brand with midwives, nutritionists and pregnancy advisors as part of their team. They have created milk for all stages of development, from baby’s first milk to milk appropriate for 2 years plus.

Hipp Organic Baby Milk

Hipp have produced a great range of organic products, from baby milks to snacks and fruit pots. They are proud of the fact that all of their products are made using organic wholesome recipes, all of which are suitable for every stage of your baby or toddlers development.

Order Your Baby Milk Today

With our international delivery service we are able to dispatch all of these products from the UK to your door, wherever you are in the world. So if you live in China and are looking for the best baby milk, you can choose from a range of trusted top quality brands at British Corner Shop.

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