Top 10 British Easter Eggs

With Easter sneaking up on us early, we thought it best to provide a great guide on the top British Easter eggs. Being a British online supermarket who can ship your favourite products all around the world, when Easter rolls around we know what Brits abroad miss the most.

British Easter eggs have a brilliant reputation of being some of the tastiest around, so we know that you only expect the best when online shopping for your Easter treats. We haven’t been afraid to try and taste the Easter eggs we have in stock and we have come up with the definitive ranking of Easter eggs. Enjoy! And don’t drool too much.

Top 10 British Easter Eggs

10. Milkybar Easter Egg (Small)

A simple yet satisfying Easter egg; the Milkybar Easter egg is small and rich in creamy flavour. It’s easy to wolf this down in one sitting as the hollow shell simply begs you to continue nibbling away!

milky bar easter egg

9. Nestle Toffee Crisp Easter Egg (with mug)

Who remembers the classic Toffee Crisp? It’s a nostalgic chocolate bar packed full of crispy rice pieces, caramel and chocolate. It really is a feast of a chocolate bar, so imagine receiving a milk chocolate egg with two Toffee Crisp bars! Plus a mug! This Easter, feel spoilt.

toffee crisp british easter egg

8. After Eight Insider Easter Egg (Large)

The After Eight Insider Easter Egg is a quality British Easter Egg that is elegant in both appearance and taste. A touch of the classic peppermint flavour of After Eight chocolates is infused into the hollow egg shell. Crack the egg open to find some After Eights lurking inside – both a sweet treat and a breath freshener!

british easter egg after eights

7. Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg (Large)

Delicious Cadbury chocolate must be consumed over Easter! Expats truly miss the milky taste of Cadburys whilst living abroad and luckily we can help with these cravings. This large Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg has a thick shell of dairy milk chocolate encasing extra sweet treats of sugar shell mini eggs. Save your bag of mini eggs for later, or just hide them quickly before anyone sees.

mini eggs easter egg

6. Maltesers Teasers Easter Egg (Large)

This pack will surely tease anyone into loving Maltesers. With a hard chocolate shell of Mars chocolate, you’ll enjoy the satisfying crack when you break the egg down to nibble. Don’t forget there’s more in the box; not one, not two, but three Maltesers Teasers chocolate bars are included!

malteser teaser easter egg

5. Rolo Easter Egg (Medium)

Crack open the fun! Crunch the Rolo chocolate egg shell in your hands and unveil the treasure trove of Rolos within. Small nuggets of chocolate filled with caramel – these are renowned for being so delicious, only true love will see you parting with your last Rolo.

rolo easter egg

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg (Large)

This sumptuous Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg is dressed in seductive purple, beckoning you to dig in. A thick Cadbury Easter egg is pretty luxurious, especially when you can gorge on bars of the Dairy Milk bars inside once the shell has been chomped!

cadbury dairy milk easter egg

3. Cadbury Creme Egg

We’re well aware that the Creme Egg recipe has been changed – there’s no point dodging this fact. However, for the die hard creme Egg fans, you’ll be happy to know that they still taste pretty darn great! The thick chocolate shell hugs the fondant centre which you can lick, dip or scoop out. How do you eat yours?

cadbury creme egg

2. Nestle Kit Kat Easter Egg (with Mug)

What’s better than a Kit Kat? A Kit Kat Chunky of course! There is so much more bite to the bars, it really gives you a satisfying crunch! With Kit Kats being one of Britain’s most popular chocolate bars, anyone would be super happy to receive this British Easter egg. Two chunky bars accompany the hollow egg, PLUS you get a Kit Kat mug to go with it.

kit kat chunky easter egg

 1. Celebrations Large Easter Egg

And our number one British Easter Egg this year is the Celebrations Large Easter Egg! From Twix to Bounty, Mars to Galaxy and Malteser to Snickers, you have the pick of your favourite chocolates in miniature form inside the thick egg shell. This is our fave as… well… we’re slightly greedy and we just want to have a taste of the wide variety of Mars chocolates housed in this delicious chocolate egg.

celebrations easter egg

These British Easter Eggs make for great gifts so be sure to order yours today! Which Easter egg will you be chomping on this Easter?



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