Shop like the Queen: British foods that have the Royal Warrant

With our recent win of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, we had a look through some of the brilliant British products that we stock that the Queen has endorsed! The Royal Warrant is granted by members of the British Royal family to fantastic companies or individuals who supply top-notch goods. It stamps a royal seal of approval on particular goods and highlights the products that the Royal family have been buying for at least five years.

British products of high excellence and quality will bear the royal coat of arms of whichever royal member issued it. You may have seen the royal badges on products that you use everyday, from your box of tea to your chocolate wrappers, and you have also seen the coat of arms included on company branding, such as luxury cars and opulent perfumes. Royal Warrant

Over 800 Royal Warrants are currently active across a wide variety of services, products, craftspeople and global companies. Take a look at our list of some of the royally endorsed products and brands that we sell internationally to British expats – if it’s good enough for the Queen, then it’s good enough for your food cupboard!

What British foods have the Royal Warrant?

Wilkin & Sons, Tiptree

This tip top company has been creating the best jams, conserves, preserves and marmalade since the 19th Century. The Wilkin family had their farm in the Essex village of Tiptree and have been making tasty products for years! No breakfast table would be complete without some Tiptree Orange Marmalade and the Queen as stamped her approval on the front of the jar.


You may not be familiar with the company Britvic, but it is highly likely that you have sipped on some of their refreshing drinks. They supply some classic fizzy drinks, such as, Tango, Pepsi and 7UP, but they also supply the quenching cordial Robinsons. Nothing quite beats a tall glass of Robinsons Orange Squash in the summer whilst watching some Wimbledon!

The picnic 3


In 1901, Nestle opened their first factory in the UK and in 1905, they merged with Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. Although Nestle did not originate in the UK, they are now one of the UK food industry’s major exporters and provide thousands of jobs in their factories in Britain. They expanded by taking over the well-loved British confectioners, Rowntree’s, in 1988 and have continued to bring out tasty products that the royal family approve of.


Carr’s Table Water biscuits were created in Carlisle in 1831 and was widely eaten by sailors as they kept fresh on long journeys. Jonathan Dodgson Carr was awarded a Royal Warrant in 1841 by Queen Victoria. and became the first biscuit maker to receive such a prestigious award! Carr’s is now owned by United Biscuits.

Cadbury Dairy Milk 

This iconic chocolate brand should rightly be recognised by the royal family! Cadbury received its first royal warrant in 1854 by Queen Victoria and continues to hold it as the Queen granted it again in 1969. Good to know the Queen has a brilliant taste in chocolate!

dairy milk royal warrant

Twinings & Co

Of course a beautiful cup of tea must be enjoyed by the Queen, and Twinings has been bestowed the Queen’s coat of arms! Twinings is the home of British tea, and with over 300 years of expertise applied to the finest tea and herbs that are ethically sourced from around the world, you can see why it is served in Buckingham Palace.

Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors of Harrogate is a tea and coffee company that received the accolade in 2009 by The Prince of Wales. Prince Charles awards his seal of approval to companies that demonstrate a commitment to looking after the environment and developing sustainability, which is reflected in Taylors of Harrogate’s activity to support the local community in recycling initiatives and sustainable farming.

Darvilles of Windsor

Darvilles of Windsor have been expertly tea blending since 1860. They have proudly held a Royal Warrant for more than 60 years – it was granted in 1946 by Kind George VI and they continue to supply various goods to the Royal household! We are the international distributor for Darvilles of Windsor so be sure to check out our vast selection if you’re in need of some fine tea.


Ah classic Heinz! No food cupboard in Britain can be without a Heinz product so it makes perfect sense for Heinz to have had the Royal Warrant bestowed upon them. Heinz was founded 145 years ago and have a large range of soups, sauces and beans. They also provide the oh-so-very British sauce HP sauce and also Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.


Tate & Lyle / Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon began in 1972 and by 1978 it had become the UK’s best selling sugar brand! It has consistently moved with the times in regards to branding and changing needs of the public – it launched a light sugar blended with the naturally sweet stevia plant in 2012. This sugar is grown in Britain and suits the royal tastes.


Established in 1898, Kellogg’s was actually first created in the US by accident from a failed attempt to create granola! Kellogg’s came to the UK in 1922 and has been a firm favourite for the nation! Kellogg’s makes a wide variety of cereal, but there’s one in particular that is apparently the Queen’s favourite. According to the Queen’s former personal chef, Special K and Kellogg’s Cornflakes were a top choice for a royal brekkie!


There’s something about the biscuit-shaped wheat cereal as it’s the top-selling breakfast cereal in the United Kingdom. And of course, Weetabix is particularly loved by the royal family and it has been awarded both the Queen and The Prince of Wales’s warrant! Enjoy with a scatter of blueberries and slices of banana – it’s a healthy and versatile breakfast.

weetabix has a royal warrant fro mthe queen and the prince of wales

The royal family sure do have wonderful tastes and we’d love to have a peek into their larder to see what it is they nibble on! From delicious jams to classic cereals, according to their Royal Warrants, their tastes sure don’t differ too much to ours. Have a browse of the other royal warrants that have been appointed to numerous British brands and get an insight into how the royal family shop!



Featured image c/o Tiptree

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