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Celebrating in Style with Friends and Family Back Home

It’s a fact. When you move to another country, there are certain things you really miss – regardless of how fantastic your new home is!

Some expats claim that they miss authentic British foods and brands. For others, it’s the culture they long for, not to mention the British TV shows. Of course, it’s different for everyone, but one thing expats certainly agree on is how much they miss family and friends back in the UK.

Celebrating in Style with Friends and Family Back Home

Missing Special Occasions?

It’s especially problematic when a member of your family or a close friend has a special occasion, like a wedding, anniversary or birthday. However, the good news is, you can still be a part of the action and enjoy celebrating in style – with the right know-how and approach!


Direct-Dial is a new phone service for expats across the world – which offers a great alternative to conventional calling and Skype.

Rather than relying on the internet (which can be unreliable), or having to pay substantial phone bills, Direct-Dial makes things much easier. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Select a monthly plan. Prices start from just five euros, Five dollars or Ten Australian dollars a month for thirty minutes– compared to other networks which charge as much as £1.50 a minute. Ouch!
  1. Get a dedicated number. You’ll then be given a dedicated UK landline number. All you need to do is give the number to your friends and family back in the UK – which means they can call you at any time, at UK standard landline rates. Trust us, it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Joining in the Celebrations

Direct-Dial’s cheap expat phone packages mean you can talk for as long as you want to – and our HD Clear Voice Technology means you won’t miss a moment. Your relatives and friends won’t need to pay expensive international rates, and they won’t have to mess around with complex access codes or double-dialing cards.

They will just simply save your new Direct-Dial number that we provide you with in their mobile phone and call you just as they would call a standard UK landline!

So, if you want to talk to your grandson for ages on his fifth birthday… you can! If your sister’s just celebrated her wedding anniversary, and you want to reminisce about old times, you can chat without worrying about costs or crackling lines.

Don’t worry – all minutes are capped, so you won’t accidentally receive to many calls and go over your monthly allowance. But if you want to keep on talking, it’s easy to upgrade at any time. You’re not tied in to any contract, which means if you decide to move back to the UK or if you just don’t want the service anymore, it’s easy to cancel your plan straight away.

Getting in the Mood for Chat – Some Fun Ideas

Here’s some fun ideas for celebrating in style with loved ones back in the UK:

  1. Create your own party. Just because you’re hundreds of miles away, doesn’t mean you can’t join in the festivities. For added authenticity, British Corner Shop’s range of UK cakes and biscuits are ideal.
  2. Keep talking. Ask a friend to pass their phone round all the guests at the celebrations, so you can have a good chat with everybody. With Direct-Dial’s cheap rates, they won’t need to worry about spending a fortune. (it will cost the same as them calling a UK landline number)
  3. Dress for the occasion. Get dressed up, then send a photo via email. Your family and friends can print it out and share it with everyone at the party.

Getting Started with Direct-Dial

If you’d like to find out more about Direct-Dial or their range of cheap phone packages for expats, visit their website today.



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