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With the summer months in full swing in the UK, here at the British Corner Shop offices we’re on a mission to clean up our dietary act – sorry HobNobs.  If like us your weekdays are a blur and the thought Sunday night batch cooking gives you the heebie-jeebies, then take a look at our list of quick and conveniently healthy Waitrose products to make you look and feel better this year. Did we mention we’re offering 20% off selected products until Sunday 2nd July? You’re welcome.


Waitrose LOVE Life Cacao Nib Microwave Oat Sachets, £2.04

Waitrose LOVE Life Nutty Porridge Microwave Oat Sachets, £2.39

Who doesn’t love a steaming bowl of porridge, especially when it’s filled with chocolatey cacao nibs and crunchy mixed nuts. Packaged in portioned sachets, simply add a packet of Waitrose LOVE Life Cacao Nib Oats or Waitrose LOVE Life Nutty Porridge Oats to a bowl with milk or water and whizz up in the microwave for a nutritious and filling start to the day. If you’re looking to make this extra special, add in two teaspoons of peanut butter along with some sliced banana #goldilocksupgrade.


Waitrose LOVE Life Puy Lentils & Quinoa, Now £1.83

Waitrose Tangy & Aromatic Lemon & Garlic CousCous, Now £1.11

There’s nothing worse than a bland salad for lunch, which is why we love adding pulses and grains for additional flavour, texture and fibre. Simply mix in with your chosen salad and protein option and top with a drizzle of good quality olive oil for a nutrient dense meal in minutes.


Waitrose LOVE Life Rough Oatcakes, Now £1.16

essential Waitrose Wholenut Peanut Butter, Now £1.59

Waitrose LOVE Life Fruit & Nut Mix, Now £1.91

When you’re short on time or just want something that requires minimal planning, these snacks are your best option for curbing the biscuit tin craving mid afternoon.  Try topping some Waitrose LOVE Life Oatcakes with a layer of essential Waitrose Wholenut Peanut Butter for a low-sugar, savoury option. Need help beating your sweet tooth instead?  Why not nibble on a pot of Waitrose LOVE Life Fruit & Nut Mix – packed full of healthy fats to keep you going until dinner time. Optional: If you’re looking to test your kitchen skills, why not watch our June recipe video and make up a batch of our healthy 5 ingredient bars instead they only take 20 minutes (and they taste pretty great too, if you don’t mind us saying).


Waitrose LOVE Life Beef Fettucine, £5.19

Waitrose LOVE Life Chicken & Roasted Pepper Fettuccine, £4.09

After a long day, it’s hard to muster up the determination to cook a healthy meal from scratch, which is why the Waitrose LOVE Life ready meal range is perfectly suited to those with limited time (and limited patience). Equally balanced and naturally low in calories, these delicious meals have been created by chefs and nutritionists to ensure quality meals without compromising on flavour.

*DISCLAIMER: Discounted products mentioned are available for a limited time only. Please check our Waitrose country checker before shopping.


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