Elderflower and Vodka Tonic

Elderflower Vodka and Tonic

Hosting a BBQ or just looking for an excuse to use up that bottle of liquid spirit? Time to feast your eyes on this Elderflower Vodka and Tonic recipe from Waitrose.

Fizz, Pimm’s, Gin and Cider – one of the best things about the British summer has to be the seasonal beverages, right? Promising refreshment, delicious flavour and occasional silliness – tipples are a necessity for any outdoor summer shindigs.

With floral notes of Elderflower teamed with peppery tonic water, this is a quick and easy drink that is certain to hit the spot this summer.


Elderflower Vodka and Tonic

Flavours of elderflower and strawberry makes this the perfect drink to enjoy in the garden on warm spring days.


Serves: 1


16 Strawberries, sliced

Two handful of ice cubes

180ml Vodka

100ml Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial

800ml Fever-Tree Tonic Water


Fill a glass jug with sliced strawberries and ice, and pour over the vodka. Top up with elderflower tonic and serve swiftly.



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