The ULTIMATE Cheese & Branston Pickle Toastie | Recipe Video

With the arrival of the festive season here in the U.K, we’re making sure you’re equipped wih a full-proof recipe to defy all post-party woes – introducing, The ULTIMATE Cheese & Branston Pickle Toastie.

Let’s be honest, we’re all in need of some indulgent comfort food from time to time. With the power to lift low moods, bring people together and most of all – banish the aftermath of some of the worst hangovers, these wholesome dishes are an essential in any British kitchen.

Our variation of the classic cheese toastie is one that’s not to be ignored. With two types of cheese filling, tangy Branston pickle and a hard exterior shell made of MORE melted cheese – this is a mouthful of pure British bliss!

Pair with your favourite dipping sauces and enjoy!

The ULTIMATE Cheese & Branston Pickle Toastie


1 x Fresh White Bloomer Loaf
1 x Tbsp Branston Pickle Original
Butter, room temperature
1 x block of Cheddar cheese
1 x block of Red Leicester cheese
A pinch of cayenne pepper
To accompany: Ketchup, HP Sauce, Mango Chutney


1. Slice the bread into 1 cm slices, and lightly butter both outsides. Next, flip the slices over and spread each side with the Branston pickle.
2. Using a box grater – grate both blocks of cheese. Take a good handful of each cheese and place onto one inside half of the bread. Top with the remaining bloomer slice.
3. Using a frying pan on a low-medium heat, place the sandwich into the pan to cook (using a weight to keep down).
4. Make a layer of cheese at the bottom of your pan, and add the sandwich back into the pan. Now add the cayenne.
5. Using a spatula, remove from the heat – allowing the cheese to set. Repeat on the other side.

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