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British Corner Shop Meets: John, King of the Warehouse Jungle!

At British Corner Shop, we’re all pretty nuts about British food – just take a look at this video! We’re also proud to hold such a brilliant team of people who help us keep the BCS cogs turning so that we can keep reuniting British Expats and food lovers around the world, with the food they love from the UK.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a nice idea to launch our “British Corner Shop Meets” series – showcasing short interviews with our staff, to give you a bit more of an insight into the people behind your boxes of #BritishHappiness.

This week, we’re introducing John, our Warehouse Manager…

Q1: Hello John! Please introduce yourself and what your role is here at British Corner Shop?

Hi, my name is John Harvey and I am the Warehouse Manager.

Q2: Can you tell us how you ended up doing what you are today?

I actually started off my career playing rugby in France, however – as my weight began to distribute itself to all the wrong places and bones began to break with regularity, I decided this probably wasn’t the best career path for me! I then started in project management, building large filtration equipment all over Asia. 

A few years later, I launched my own Haulage company in Malawi, Africa – transporting tobacco and had some great adventures driving through some very frightening places, before moving into warehousing.

After that, I spent many years looking after a large distribution centre for Dickies workwear, thereafter spending some time with Lidl before beginning my career with British Corner Shop.

Q3: Wow, what a life you’ve led already John! Perhaps you could describe what a typical day at British Corner Shop looks like to you?

Our main priority is to provide a safe and efficient working environment for the team, so we start each day with a Health and Safety inspection – making sure all fire exits are clear, all goods are safely stored and the working area is suitable for the team to work in. Then the days’ workload is assessed and resource is allocated accordingly. We also generate a fleet of KPI’s to monitor a range of information including productivity, stock accuracy and shift performance – for example, making sure all customer orders are dispatched accurately and as quickly as possible.

Q4: What’s the best part about working for the company?

I think the huge draw for me is the amazing family atmosphere of the company. The working environment is second to none and there really is a huge team spirit. Everyone knows each other and there is a real concerted effort to provide great customer service.

Q5: Lastly, what would your desert island Brit food saviour be and why?

I have absolutely no will power when it comes to crisps as my chin(s) will testify, so my desert island food would be Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps – great flavour!

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