British Corner Shop Meets

British Corner Shop Meets: Jane, our Customer Services Hero!

Welcome back to our second “British Corner Shop Meets” feature – this week, we’re talking to our very own ex Expat and Customer services hero – Jane Hughes.

You can often find Jane in her running gear, completing races across Bristol and South Gloucestershire – you can also find her eating bars of Galaxy under her desk…

Q1: Hello! Please introduce yourself and what your role is here at British Corner Shop?

My name is Jane Hughes and I’m a Customer Services Advisor.

Q2: How did you end up doing what you are today?

I’ve moved around quite a lot over my life, living in countries as far as Australia and America.  To say I’ve had a bit of a varied career path is an understatement – I’ve been everything from a PA, a Park Ranger, a Health Advisor for NHS 111 and also a saleswoman. After spending 12 years in France teaching English as a foreign language, I finally moved back to Bristol – funnily enough,  I knew about British Corner Shop from being an expat!

Q3: Describe what a typical day at British Corner Shop looks like to you?

A typical day in the Customer Services team involves answering the phone and replying to email enquiries – managing wholesale and retail customers, as well as liaising with our couriers.  As a lover of British food, I’m always scouting out new products and asking our Buying Team to add them to the website – I’m also often in the Warehouse looking for information on the items that we sell, so I can best deal with questions from our customers. As you can probably imagine, I deal with a lot of varied enquiries ranging from “How long is a Cadbury’s 99p Flake?” to helping the elderly with their IT issues so that they can place an order.

Q4: What’s the best part about working for British Corner Shop?

I’d say the best part of working here is the team – we all help each other out, which is important in a busy environment.  As I said before, every day is varied – but we always have a good laugh!

Q5: Lastly, what would your desert island Brit food saviour be?

Galaxy chocolate is my downfall and it’s the one thing I have always missed when I’ve lived abroad.

British Corner Shop Meets

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