Which Foods Mean the Most to British Expats at Christmas?

‘Tis the season where no matter where you turn, you’re met with a vast array of indulgent and delicious treats. There’s a constant supply of Quality Street in the office, mince pies are in abundance and there’s always an excuse to enjoy a glass of Mulled Wine. It may not come as a surprise that the decadent foods we enjoy year on year during the festive season aren’t just here out of habit – there’s a lot more to it than that.

The festive treats we know and love hold a special place in our hearts because they both conjure up nostalgic memories of our childhood whilst playing a key role in creating new memories and traditions. From Nan’s homemade mince pies to Christmas parties packed with festive nibbles – food really is the spice of life around Christmas!

Whilst each household tend to celebrate Christmas in their own way, us Brits have quite a bit in common when it comes to festive favourites. It’s, therefore, no surprise that when Brits move abroad, we take this love affair with certain goodies with us.

We wanted to learn which foods mean the most to British Expats at Christmas, so what better way to find out than to ask our wonderful customers?! Read more to find discover the top contenders, can you spot your favourite?

Which foods mean the most to British Expats at Christmas

  1. Quality Street
  2. Mince Pies
  3. Stuffing
  4. Christmas Pudding
  5. Terrys Chocolate Orange
  6. Cadburys Roses
  7. Bread Sauce
  8. After Eights
  9. Pigs in Blankets
  10. Chocolate Log

Which foods mean the most to British Expats at Christmas

And there you have it! If you’re planning on throwing yourself a very merry British Christmas – use the above as your shopping list. Trust us when we say EVERY food on that list is a must-have. Don’t just take our customer’s word for it – this season alone we’ve sold; 12,000 tins of Quality Street, 9,000 boxes of Mince Pies and 6,000 packets of stuffing mix. Clearly, British Christmas isn’t going anywhere soon!

Which foods mean the most to British Expats at Christmas

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