Ribena Over the Years

Ribena Over the Years

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The Beginning

Many years ago, a smart fellow by the name of Dr Vernon Charley made an exciting discovery while working as a leading scientist at the University of Bristol – blackcurrants contain impressively high levels of Vitamin C!

As we know, Vitamin C plays an important role in helping to maintain healthy skin, bones, blood vessels and overall protecting our cells, not to mention that a lack of vitamin C can lead to scurvy (eek) – so this was great news! Dr Charley, therefore, thought it would be a cracking idea to use this to help people consume this fruity goodness in the easiest way possible – a tasty beverage. And so, in 1933 Dr Charley produced his very first blackcurrant syrup! This fantastic creation ultimately led to the birth of a legend in 1938. We’re talking about Ribena, of course.

These special berries played a big part in British history! During World War II, Ribena stepped up and did its duty by distributing blackcurrant cordial for free to children and expectant mothers when other fruits rich in vitamin C became increasingly scarce – bravo Ribena!

That Unbeatable Blackcurrant Flavour

One of the great things about classic Ribena is that the enjoyability level stays the same all year round! On chilly winter evenings, you can wrap up in a blanket and sip a steaming mug of hot Ribena, warming both the body and the soul. On a hot summer’s day, the refreshing and uplifting taste of Ribena chilled over ice will quench your thirst in the best way. As the king of all blackcurrant brands, there’s no better ingredient if you’re looking to add a bit of juicy goodness to recipes! Cocktails, desserts or compotes – a Ribena twist will add that nostalgic taste that you just can’t beat.

New Kids on the Block

Ribena Over the Years

Since the classic blackcurrant cordial, Ribena has become the nation’s favourite juice drink brand over the last 75 years. The range of products has flourished into a wonderful selection to give Ribena fans more choice than ever! You can enjoy the classic Ribena with no added sugar or if you’re on the go, grab a ready-to-drink bottle in a range of flavours – from classic Blackcurrant to Pineapple and Passionfruit! Squash lovers rejoice!

Ribena Over the Years

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