An interview with: Thomas Fudge’s

An interview with: Thomas Fudge’s

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This week at British Corner Shop, we’re promoting all thing’s BISCUITS – so we decided to have a quick catch up with artisan Dorset bakers, Thomas Fudge’s,  to find out what makes their delightful British biscuits and treats so special.

1. When and where was Thomas Fudge’s created in the UK?

Our rather remarkable bakery was founded in 1916 by Thomas Fudge in beautiful, bountiful Dorset – and this is where we remain to this day.

**2. What would you say it is that makes the Thomas Fudge’s range so special?
From the beginning, local sourcing and artisan craftsmanship have always been a real focus for Thomas Fudge’s and remarkable baking remains at the heart of everything we do with recipes passed down from generation to generation. To this day we still slowly bake our tasty treats in batches, using quality ingredients such as; Belgian Chocolate and all butter (where possible) in our blissful biscuits.

3. At British Corner Shop, we love to dunk our biscuits in a cup of tea. What beverages (hot or cold) would you say would go well with your Thomas Fudge’s Stem Ginger Blisscuits and your Mouthwatering Milk Chocolate Florentines??

We would recommend a zingy cup of Lemon Tea with our Dazzling Belgian Dark Chocolate Stem Ginger Blisscuits and a creamy Latte with our Mouth-Watering Belgian Milk Chocolate Florentines.

4. Do you ever include any of your biscuits and Florentines in any recipes? If so, can you share with us?

Yes we do! We like to top brownie recipes and ice-cream with crumbled pieces of our Decadent Belgian Dark Chocolate Florentines. We also recommend adding chunks of Mouth-Watering Belgian Milk Chocolate Florentines into thick milkshakes for an indulgent treat.

5. How would you describe the Thomas Fudge’s range in three words?

Remarkable, Indulgent and Delicious.

Thomas Fudge's

Thomas Fudge's

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