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NEW IN: Queen Elizabeth II Memorabilia

A new range of commemorative items in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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Just in time for what would have been the late Queen's 97th birthday (21 April) and the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III (6 May), we've got a brand new range of comemmorative Royal Family items here at British Corner Shop.

Our range contains a great selection of items, from classic memorabilia pieces such as coins, plates and trinket boxes, to beautiful shortbread tins, and even gifts for children. Take a look at some of our favourite stand-out items below!

Queen Plate

Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative 20cm Plate

This commemorative plate is excellent quality and is visually stunning, decorated with intricate gold-plating and a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II.

This plate will have pride of place in many homes across Britain and beyond thanks to our worldwide delivery service. Whether you choose to use it, display it proudly on a mantlepiece, shelf or wall, or to keep it somewhere safe as part of a collection, this item will hold fantastic memories of the long-serving monarch.

Queen Coins

Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Set of 3 Coins

This set of three collectable coins each have a different design, all honouring Her Majesty the Queen. A must-have for any coin collector or Royal Family enthusiast!

Varying in sizes, these coins display the royal purple and gold colours as well as royal crowns and an image of the Queen.

The coins arrive packaged in a plastic case to keep them safe as they make their journey to wherever you are in the world.

Queen bear

Queen Elizabeth II Purple Teddy Bear

How adorable are these little teddy bears?

Dressed in a purple knit jumper embroidered with the name of Queen Elizabeth, this is a great way for kids to remember the monarch and to celebrate her life. We've also got a teddy to celebrate the upcoming King's Coronation, dressed in a regal purple robe and a crown.

Perfect gifts during the Coronation for little ones and adults alike.

Queen Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Tin

This lovely tin was created by beloved shortbread brand Walkers to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This limited edition tin features a wonderful photo of a young Elizabeth with one of her beloved Corgis, and is a fantastic collector item and keepsake.

The tin contains delicious pure butter shortbread pieces, best enjoyed with a cuppa.

These are but a few of the wonderful items we have in commemoration of Her Majesty. You can browse the whole range here.

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