EU Warehouse Stock Update

EU Warehouse Stock Update

Why is your range reduced? This is mainly to do with post-Brexit restrictions on importing goods that are of animal origin, for example, dairy, gelatine, meat and fish

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Why is your range reduced?

This is mainly to do with post-Brexit restrictions on importing goods that are of animal origin, for example, dairy, gelatine, meat and fish.

To ship these to our EU warehouse (and then to our EU customers from there), these products now need various certificates to prove that we are authorised to ship these goods.

The manufacturers of the goods (i.e. Cadbury’s, Walkers, Nestle etc.) are responsible for providing these documents, so any delay in them doing this, therefore, impacts our ability to re-stock our EU warehouse as quickly as we’d like.

Additionally, you may have heard in the news there is a national driver shortage within the UK supply chain, meaning there are delays at all stages of the supply chain – from delivering ingredients to shipping the finished product.

There have also been occasions when deliveries of British goods to our EU warehouse have also been held up in customs due to the inspection criteria tightening as time goes on.

Is the situation going to get better?

Yes! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been shipping EVEN MORE goodies to our EU warehouse, as well as sending more of our hard-working and experienced UK warehouse team over to The Netherlands to help things run as smoothly as possible.

This means it’s all hands on deck when deliveries arrive, so stock is booked in quickly to ensure items are out of stock on the website for a little time as possible.

In regard to the UK supply chain issues – we’re bringing in new suppliers each week so we can increase our range as quickly as possible.

Does this apply to M&S products?

Yes, it does. We have access to over 800 M&S products but in our initial launch (16th September) we are restricted to lines with no animal products in them.  However, this still includes over 400 M&S products including the much-loved Percy Pig (yay!) as well as a range of tea, crisps, sweets and store cupboard items. The second half of the range will be arriving soon!

Where is your EU hub based?

Why do prices seem high?

Here at British Corner Shop, we’re committed to reuniting British food lovers with the products they love from the UK and providing the best service possible. So, in order for us to be able to offer our loyal EU customers a seamless service with no Delivery Duty or Customs Charges (unlike many other businesses…), we invested half a million pounds into opening our new EU operation.

This allows us to offer EU customers;

  • An increased product range
  • A hassle-free service with guaranteed tracking
  • Quicker delivery times (dispatch in as little as 1-2 days to be precise!)

However, a venture like this takes a lot of time, money and resource which has caused our overheads in operations to double. It is because of this you may have noticed a small increase in our product prices.

Please note that we did not make this decision lightly and we promise to be as competitively priced as we can while maintaining a sustainable business that can continue to reunite customers with a taste of the UK for years to come.

How has Brexit impacted your service?

Our whole EU operation has been based on the advice of experts, however as this post-Brexit period is unchartered territory the advice is regularly changing, but we are working hard following the guidance of governing bodies such as DIT and Defra (who are also trying to navigate the challenges of Brexit) to provide a service that is as seamless as possible.

When will BCS be back to normal?

Although it’s unlikely that our EU warehouse will be able to stock the entire range we offered pre-Brexit, we are continuously learning and optimising our service and the range of products will continue to expand.

As our EU service continues to improve and move forward, our EU customers will experience quicker delivery times and a wider range of products, with the inclusion of M&S and Christmas products in just a few weeks!

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