British Corner Shop Meets: Marion, Export Sales Coordinator 🚛

British Corner Shop Meets: Marion, Export Sales Coordinator 🚛

British Corner Shop · 2 minute read

Q1: Hello! Please introduce yourself and what your role is here at British Corner Shop?

Bonjour! My name is Marion and I am the Export Sales Coordinator for the Bulk and Wholesale side of the business, moving more and more into Sales now that Maria and Miguel (our interns) are here to help with the admin part of the sales team.

Q2: How did you end up doing what you are today?

I have studied foreign languages and international trade in France, but I began my career working as a Project Manager in Tourism in Paris. After four years of living in the crazy expensive capital, I decided to go back to my home region – I worked in a few sales roles before my partner got an opportunity to work in the UK with his company. We moved to the UK in February of 2018 and I subsequently started my position at British Corner Shop.

3: Describe what a typical day at British Corner Shop looks like to you?

As an Export Sales Coordinator, the main element of my role is to oversee all of the orders that are happening in bulk – what the order consists of, when the order was placed, where it’s going and if there’s anything outstanding that needs to be done to it (like labelling, consolidation, black wrapping, pictures for customs, etc.). I also need to know how the orders are going to be leaving from our warehouse, via collection, container, truck, etc. There’s also a lot of documentation that I manage per order, so I’m frequently liaising with the buying, warehouse and finance teams to organise this too.

Q4: What’s the best part about working for the company?

I think I would say the friendly atmosphere of the company, it’s definitely a plus at British Corner Shop!

Q5: Lastly, what would your desert island Brit food saviour be and why?

My favourite British meal is the English Breakfast (nothing better to start the day!), but that’s pretty hard to bring on a desert island! So, I would say that my Desert Island British treat would be a McVitie’s Penguin biscuit, just because:

  • I love chocolate!
  • This brings back great memories – it was actually the first time I ever entered a Tesco! I was on a school trip to Ireland and we stopped at Tesco to buy some snacks. My classmates and I bought a pack of Penguin biscuits and loved them! Even now, 13 years later, it is still a snack that we remember and that made us think about our great school trip to Ireland 😊

British Corner Shop Meets - Marion