Brand New M&S Bakery Range – All You Need to Know

Brand New M&S Bakery Range – All You Need to Know

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We’re thrilled to be able to finally provide crumpets, scones, bread and more to our customers in the EU again, thanks to our friends at M&S. It’s been a long wait – almost 18 months – but our brand new bakery range is now available to order for delivery to your door!

Our team has worked so hard to find supply chain solutions within our new EU warehouse in order to be able to deliver your bakery favourites such as crumpets, hot cross buns, bread, scones, rolls and more.

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Do you have any gluten-free bakery products?

We will have products from the M&S Made Without range coming soon, including gluten-free Hot Cross Buns!

Will you be expanding the range?

Yes, we will. We’re always looking for new products to add to our range, and there will be more M&S bakery products being released around Christmas time, for example! Do sign up to our newsletter to be informed whenever we add new items to our site.

Why are they M&S crumpets, rather than Warburtons like you used to stock?

Warburtons cannot supply to the EU, whereas M&S can! Rest assured, we have taste tested the M&S crumpets here at British Corner Shop HQ, and we think they’re equally as fantastic – we’re sure you’ll agree!

Are the bakery products short dated?

Yes, many of the bakery products are short dated as is the nature of baked goods. Look for the pink label on the product image when browsing the website to see how many days are left before the best before date from the day that your order is dispatched. Read more here.

When is the best time to order bakery products?

If you are ordering short-dated products, such as Crumpets or fresh bread, we advise placing your order on a Friday or Saturday. This is because your order will then be dispatched at the beginning of the week and will avoid being held with a courier over the weekend.

Can the bakery products be frozen?

They can! Look for the green icon on the product page to see which products are suitable for freezing. And do check the packaging for further instructions – it’s best to freeze the products as soon as possible to guarantee freshness.

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