In The Box – January

In The Box – January

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Welcome to January’s edition of In the Box! If you’ve found yourself here from your latest box of British Happiness, we hope you enjoy all your goodies! Now that you’re a member of the British Corner Shop family, why not join our community of British Food Lovers and share your love of crumpets, tea and biscuits with like-minded people!

Here at British Corner Shop, we LOVE seeing you guys with all your British goodies. That’s why on top of our usual #LoveBritishFood competition (where you can be in with a chance of winning a £50 voucher for photos of your orders), we’ll now be offering customers a chance to win a £100 British Corner Shop voucher when you send us videos of your unboxing! Tag us on Instagram @britishcornershop and use the hashtag #BCSUnboxing to be in with a chance of winning! Find the full T&Cs for both competitions here. 

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Customer of the Month

“I live in a very small town in eastern Manitoba where deer and birds outnumber the people and dogs! The parcel came from my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who live in Cambourne, Cambridge. The inukshuk is a popular way to use the local rocks for landscaping. This one is titled “Our Co-Vid Christmas Inukshuk”. In the warmer months, it will have sunglasses and sunhat or parasol! Thank you so much for this delightful range of goodies. We will enjoy emptying the hampers!” – Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKenzie, Canada

Employee Spotlight

Name: Jon Farrar

Job Title: Head of Marketing

Favourite British goodie (and why): Heinz Baked Beans – because they are versatile! Hot or cold! With chilli powder? Sure why not. Curry powder, definitely. With mustard? Yes please. On toast, sure. Potato, crumpets, waffles WHATEVER! It’s just the go-to staple for a Brit and it just has to be Heinz.

Favourite Flavour Combination: Sweet and Savoury – Pineapple on pizza please.

Choose three words would you use to describe working at British Corner Shop: Innovative, Fun, Rewarding.

A fun fact about British Corner Shop our customers wouldn’t know: We frequently provide the British food and drink for Embassies around the World. I even went to one of those events for the British Embassy to the Holy See in Rome. That was a fantastic event.

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