Introducing Free Delivery – With Our New and Improved Basket Boost Feature

Introducing Free Delivery – With Our New and Improved Basket Boost Feature

Last year we introduced you to our new Basket Boost feature

British Corner Shop · 3 minute read

Last year we introduced you to our new Basket Boost feature. This feature rewarded regular customers with double reward points when you placed another order with us within 31 days of your last purchase.

Well, to kick off February with a bang we’ve amended our Basket Boost program, making it easier for you to shop more often with Double Reward Points and FREE DELIVERY when you order within 31 days of your last purchase!

If you are not registered it is still possible to get your benefits! Just register an account with us using the same email address you used to purchase and as long as you’re within the time frame, you will automatically qualify.

New and Improved Basket Boost – The Details

  • For 31 days following your order, your next order will automatically be eligible for FREE delivery, over a certain spend threshold.
  • This spend threshold is different depending on where your order is being delivered to (details below).
  • If you are ordering in a currency other than GBP your spend threshold will be automatically re-calculated based on our currency exchange rate (details in T&C’s).
  • To qualify for Free Delivery your order must be under 30kgs volumised weight.
  • As well as Free Delivery, our original Basket Boost reward of Double Reward Points is still active – meaning the ‘cashback’ you receive from placing an order doubles from 2% to 4% on any purchase made within 31 days of your last order.
  • Your basket will be automatically ‘Boosted’ with Double Reward Points and Free Delivery if your order is eligible – no need to enter a discount code.
  • You must be registered with British Corner Shop and logged in at the time of purchase to qualify for Basket Boost.

Spend Thresholds

  1. Austria – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  2. Belgium – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  3. Denmark – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  4. Finland – Free delivery over £125 GBP
  5. France – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  6. Germany – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  7. Greece – Free delivery over £125 GBP
  8. Italy – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  9. Luxembourg – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  10. Netherlands – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  11. Poland – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  12. Portugal – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  13. Republic of Ireland – Free delivery over £125 GB
  14. Spain – Free Delivery over £110 GBP
  15. Sweden – Free delivery over £125 GBP
  16. UK – Free delivery over £25 GBP
  17. USA – Free delivery over £120 GBP

So, if delivery price is preventing you stocking up your British food cupboard more frequently, then make the most of your Basket Boost and start enjoying your British treats as often as you’d like!

For those of you wishing to deliver to countries not on the lists above – we are working on expanding this feature to more countries in the near future, so watch this space!

Terms and Conditions

  • When calculating your exchange rate we integrate as our live mid-market exchange rate data provider, and based on this we set a weekly commercial exchange rate. Our algorithms calculate the price we need to sell at in different countries, based on delivery subsidy, weight, and volume of the item.
  • Orders must be above the required spend threshold
  • Orders must be under 30kgs volumised weight
  • You must order by midnight GMT on the 31st day after your last purchase to qualify for free delivery
  • The 31 days starts from the day after you placed your original order
  • You must be registered to collect reward points and be eligible for free delivery
  • You must set one of the countries in the list above to qualify for free shipping