Waitrose Fairtrade Coffee

Waitrose Fairtrade Coffee

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If you were to ask yourself whether Fairtrade produce is important to you – what would you say? Do you mindfully add these certified products to your shopping basket where possible, or do you overlook and only shop your favourites?

With serious ecological concerns on the rise, sustaining Fairtrade produce has become more prevalent than ever before – but how many of us actually know what Fairtrade is and how can we support it?

The first step is learning what the term actually means. In brief, Fairtrade is the trade agreement between companies in developed and lesser developed countries, in which ‘fair’ prices are paid to producers. This protects small farming communities from being financially affected when crop yields and climate change affect overall productivity.

At British Corner Shop, we are proud to stock a number of Fairtrade products – including our range of Waitrose coffee. Coffee is considered as one of the world’s most valuable and most widely traded tropical agricultural goods, and with 80% of produce reared by smallholder coffee farmers (25 million to be exact) – it’s important to support Fairtrade farmers wherever we can.

Over the last 12 months, Waitrose has returned $670,000 of their Fairtrade premium from their coffee products and free in-store vending machines, back to smallholder farming projects. This large revenue has contributed towards community projects, and supported the improvement of overall product quality.

So instead of adding your usual brands to your basket next time you shop, why not opt for one of our Waitrose Certified Fairtrade products when searching for your caffeine hit. From ground to instant, beans to pods – enjoy delicious, quality coffee whilst supporting this ethical cause today.

If you would like to shop the full British Corner Shop Fairtrade promotion, follow the link to our website here.

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