Companies that Help Moving Abroad to Italy

Companies that Help Moving Abroad to Italy

Looking for companies that Help British Expats Moving Abroad to Italy? Check out our guide below for some useful tips and contacts.

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Congratulations, firstly! You are considering, or have already decided to relocate, to Italy. It’s a real gem of a country, with its snowy slopes and jagged peaks of the northern mountains, to its busy cultural and historical centres, and to the turquoise seas and white sands of its islands. Of course, the choice of location is entirely dependent on your next stage of life, whether it’s work or retirement, the environment you want, and how you want to live.

Relocation to a different country is difficult to undertake on your own. However, don’t worry, there are many service providers that can help remove the unexpected obstacles, and help cut through legal tape.

And, in this guide, we’re focusing upon the services and suggested companies that can help your transition. For some, a fully-serviced package may be what you are seeking. For others, you might like the challenge of taking on most of the legwork. Given the timescales you’re working to, and your budget, it’s important to decide early on, what you are able to take on, and when to seek specialist advice, before and after the move.

It’s such an exciting time, and you can almost taste the Prosecco bubbles as you look forward to your new life, so let’s explore the main services and considerations.

Relocation Companies for People Moving to Italy

A relocation may be permanent, or temporary, to fulfil an assignment for example. With the latter, it’s certainly worthwhile seeking a packaged service for efficiency and expediency, using the relocation company’s knowledge and dedicated local consultants to get you settled and productive quickly. The following offer a range of services, including: immigration services, buying and renting, settling down, pet relocation, banking, utilities, education, handling departures, and more!

Principal Relocation

Award-winning relocation services company serving 170 cities and over 320 destinations, with Italian offices in Rome and Milan, covering immigration, property search and settling down support.

Crown Relo

Offering a range of immigration services, pet relocation, education support, business set-up and support and removals too.

Italy Relocation

Relocation Services | Italy Relocation

Provides a comprehensive service with initial fact find, and help with settling in, school searches and language courses.

Rhome Relocation

A Rome-based, full relocation service and offers links to transport, social services and cultural activities.

Studio Papperini

Offering business and personal relocation services, including immigration and citizenship support.

Professional Relo

Offers orientation programmes on a pre- and post-arrival basis, including property, healthcare, banking and social integration, clubs and societies, for example.

Expat Arrivals

Covers worldwide relocation, with expat views from Italy on all aspects of the relocation process.

Removal Service Companies In Italy

It’s useful to consider what you want to take with you and what you can buy when in Italy. It’s an opportunity to declutter too. When did I last wear that coat?

Consider the climate and clothing requirements, books, and other personal items that you need to take. They can be hard to find, or expensive to replace, if you can, that is! Electrical equipment and white goods are available everywhere, and with the different voltages, you don’t need to take these with you.

Depending on where you are moving from, you have the option to bring your belongings into Italy by road, air, or sea. Make sure you follow the right procedures before you pack to have your items go through customs, so you don’t have any setbacks at the border. It’s important to catalogue your items, so they are not seen as exported goods that attract various charges, but are classed as personal possessions instead. These companies offer full removal services, advice and insurance for belongings, including high-value possessions and managing customs issues.

Companies that help with buying or renting a property in Italy

Using a registered estate agency is critical when buying property, and most estate agents in cities will speak some English, less so in more rural areas. You’ll need a Notary to complete the legal contact, with the buyer and seller usually present. It can be a long meeting, as the particulars are discussed at length, and signed! Bear in mind, some properties may have a family interest, so you could find you have five or six family representatives present! The estate agent will also conduct the legal checks into the property with the help of a Geomatra, a regulated surveyor. The Geometra will check the plans to see if all parts of the building are legal and there are no unlawful additions, or if the boundary has changed! It does happen!

If you rent an apartment in Italy, you have two main choices; you can either rent an apartment through an agency or you can rent your apartment directly from the owner themselves. Renting directly from the owner will usually be the cheaper option however you won’t have the help and support of the agency to fall back on.

In any case, the rental market in Italy is highly controlled and regulated by the government and local municipalities, and all contracts are registered with the local police. They may even pay you a visit to check all is well!

There are three main kinds of legally recognised rental contracts in Italy.

  1. Transitory Rental Contract – for rentals of 18 months or less.
  2. A 3+2 Rental Contract – This is a 3-year rental contract that leaves the option of renewing it for a further 2 years.
  3. A 4+4 Rental Contract – This is a longer-term contract that runs for 4 years with the option of renewing it for a further 4 years.

Start by having look around at the areas that appeal the most. Remember that living and working in the North of Italy, is very different to the South, or on one of the islands, such as Sicily or Sardinia. The business focus and pace of life is varied. Get a feel for the climate, location and type of housing through the following property websites, that offer the full spectrum of price ranges and a range of property types.

Italian Real Estate and Luxury Property for sale in Italy (

Learning Languages in Italy

Italian is a lovely language to learn, and relatively similar to English due to their shared ancestor, Latin. You’ll recognise familiar words too, if you speak French or Spanish.

It really does help to learn some basic Italian, especially when conversing with your local Commune, Bank Manager, Doctor and Hospital. Some basic phrases will also show you are willing to try and speak, and you’ll find that’s appreciated. This selection offers a range of online sessions, before you arrive and a mix of online and study sessions, after you arrive.

Mainly online:


Recognised Centres

Your search may uncover lots of aspects of relocation that you haven’t considered, so thorough planning will help you to make the right, informed choices. And, hopefully, these links will give you food for thought! Every pun intended…!

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