The Ultimate British Food Combinations

The Ultimate British Food Combinations

When it comes to us Brits, we really know how to elevate our favourite foods by combining them to become the best they can be

British Corner Shop · 5 minute read

When it comes to us Brits, we really know how to elevate our favourite foods by combining them to become the best they can be. Although our friends across the pond, in Europe and the rest of the world, sometimes find our combinations a bit peculiar; we know deep down in our hearts we have the best combos going! So without further ado, here is our (and very likely your) ultimate British food combinations.

Tea and biscuits

First of all, let’s start off with arguably the most quintessential British combination out there – tea and biscuits. Nationwide, us Brits can always fall back on our most trusted and beloved union. Honestly, there is no situation for us, good or bad, that doesn’t call for a cup of brew alongside our dunker of choice. And there is no denying we all have our favourites, whether that is the simplicity of a Rich Tea, the sweetness of a Chocolate Digestive, or the creaminess of a Custard Cream. There is only one word of advice we can give on something so close to our hearts – do not over dunk!

Cheese and pickle

The classic ploughman’s lunch, or ploughman’s sandwich if you are so inclined, has been a favourite for years upon years here in Blighty. There is just something so special about the combination of cheese and pickle. Acidic and fatty. Sweet and sharp. Crunchy and creamy. You really can’t go wrong with it! To make things even better, a ploughman’s perfectly pairs with anything, from ham to boiled eggs, or even apples. 

Fish and chips

Whether you are taking a trip down to the beach or quickly nipping out to grab a takeaway – fish and chips is an all-time favourite for us Brits. Nothing really compares to the wonders of combining crispy crunchy batter with flaky white fish. But when you go one step further and pair this with truly British home-made chip shop chips – the magic really starts to happen. We have actually tried to explain chip shop chips to people from all around the world and, after many blank faces, we think it is safe to say – no one does chips like us Brits do. Adding mushy peas, tartar sauce or even curry sauce to the equation really sends this classic to the next level!

Pint and pork scratchings

We have all been there, a couple pints down the pub on a late-afternoon and then you see them, calling to you from behind the bar, hanging in all their glory – the famously puffy yet crunchy delight we all know and love – pork scratchings. The saltiness of a pork scratching really is the perfect combination for sinking a few swifts halves down the local. That ever so slight acidity of your tipple of choice met with that salty crispiness really does create the perfect pairing. And boy oh boy, this moreish combination really keeps you going back for more!

Beans on toast

 By far one of the quickest and easiest British dishes, which can quite literally be eaten for any meal of the day, is the iconic beans on toast. This meal has been enjoyed up and down our wonderful Nation for many years and no doubt will be for many more to come. The crunchy, yet slightly moistened toast, meeting the sweet tomatoey sauce and earthiness of the beans is an absolute match made in heaven. We think this is why beans on toast have been enjoyed across Britain for nearly 100 years.

If you are ever feeling extra adventurous when preparing this delight, why not throw some grated cheddar on top to liven up this already glorious dish! 

Cheese and Worcestershire sauce

Cheese on toast, or Welsh Rarebit if you’re fancy, is another one of our Nation’s favourites for an easy snack or quick dinner. Within five minutes you can have gloriously melted cheese on a perfectly crisp slice of toast. However, when you combine this with a few glugs of  Worcestershire Sauce things really start to get interesting. The sweet yet savoury tang of this nearly 200-year-old sauce is the perfect addition to elevate your bubbling cheese on toast to the next level. However, as a word of warning – for the sake of the roof of your mouth – don’t be ever eager and dig in too quickly!

Bacon butty

Whether you are team ketchup or team brown sauce – we can all agree that putting bacon into a buttered bread roll is a world-class combination. You know you’re in for a treat when the crisp and sizzling bacon makes contact with the buttered surface causing it to melt and absorb into the roll. However, it is not only the taste that speaks for itself, the mouth-watering smell can be sniffed out from a mile away – whether it’s coming from downstairs or down the road. 

Beef and horseradish

How could we forget about our favourite meal – the iconic British roast beef dinner. We don’t think anyone can argue when it comes to combining melt in your mouth beef and the punchiness of horseradish sauce. This pairing of beautifully juicy meat and peppery spiced root veg has been a favourite amongst Brits for nearly 500 years – so if that isn’t enough to prove its stake as one of Britain’s ultimate food combinations, we don’t know what is!

To make things even better for this combination – this is only a small portion of the meal itself! Uniting this with crisp roasties, a fluffy yorkshire, and a heavy glug of thick and flavoursome gravy – you can really understand why this is Britain’s favourite meal.

Custard and… everything?

We couldn’t leave out the dessert lovers amongst us and we think it is fair to say, custard has the unrivalled ability to go with every Brit’s favourite dessert out there! Somehow this simplistic mixture of egg yolk, sugar, milk and vanilla can be combined with a crumble, jelly,  cake, tarts, or even meringues – the list quite literally could go on forever. This is why custard is an absolute must when discussing the ultimate British food combinations.