Top 10 Retro British Foods

Top 10 Retro British Foods

With the kids starting back at school soon, we here at British Corner Shop have been reminiscing about our favourite foods, drinks, snacks, and sweet treats that we enjoyed when we were in our youth

Emily Marcham · 5 minute read

With the kids starting back at school soon, we here at British Corner Shop have been reminiscing about our favourite foods, drinks, snacks, and sweet treats that we enjoyed when we were in our youth. Whether it was an everyday occurrence or a rarity, something about the foods we ate when we were in school still remain dear to our hearts, and stomachs! So, without further ado, here are our top 10 retro British foods!

Kelloggs Variety Pack

Do you know what beats waking up to a delicious bowl of your favourite Kellogg’s cereal? That’s right – 8 of them! The geniuses at Kellogg’s came up with a multi-pack bringing you the best 8 that they have to offer! So they have you covered whether “You’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops,” or if you think Frosties are “Grrrrreat!” This is absolutely ideal for anyone who loves a bit of variety in the morning or it’s the perfect solution for a self-catering holiday getaway due to their fantastic one-portion-sized boxes!

Dib Dabs

This nostalgic throwback is still a firm favourite amongst the masses and we are sure it will continue to be for years to come. The sweet-yet-sour combination of a sugary strawberry lolly being dipped into a tangy sherbet that really packs a punch has been around in our lovely little Country for over 80 years! Therefore, we think it is safe to say that whether you are getting this long time British classic for a young first-timer or an old pro – they are gonna love this face puckering delight!


This classic delightfully sweet cordial has been a staple in pantries and cupboards across our wonderful nation for many years now – since 1936 to be precise! The glorious blackcurrant flavours (which are exclusively grown here on UK soil, may we add) has the impressive ability to be enjoyed whatever the weather. Something which comes in handy given the unpredictability of the British weather! You could sit enjoying the sun in the garden and cool off by gulping down a refreshing ice-cold Ribena or you can enjoy it in front of the fire warmed up on a cold winter’s day! Whatever your preferred method – we are sure this will bring back floods of memories for many of you!

Prawn Cocktail Skips

If you are in desperate need of a tongue-tingling, melt in your mouth experience – then look no further than Prawn Cocktail Skips. This lighter alternative to the classic potato crisp is actually made from tapioca starch, which gives them their undeniably unique mouth experience that makes them stand out from your normal bag of crisps. Also, you can rest easy when it comes to chowing down on a bag of Skips as they do not contain any artificial colours, flavours, or MSG – a flavour-enhancing additive. Result!

Cadbury’s Freddo

This gloriously smooth and silky milk chocolate bar is the ideal little treat that we frankly all love and deserve. Regardless of if you want something sweet on the move or just fancy that final nibble of choccy to finish off your evening meal, Freddo’s got you covered. The frog, the myth, the legend, Freddo has been gracing our presence with his fully-dressed and permanently happy self since 1973. Although, it brings us great sadness to know that we missed out on a full 15 years of Freddo from 1979. Luckily, in 1994 he finally made his triumphant comeback and has been on our shelves ever since.

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup

Nothing quite satisfies you on a cold winter’s day like a bubbling bowl of Heinz Tomato Soup with a hefty wedge of freshly cut bread on the side. This hearty, wholesome dish certainly rates highly for us when we are discussing our top British nostalgic comfort foods. Ideal for a quick and easy lunch or dinner; or mum’s ultimate cure for when you were feeling a bit poorly and down in the dumps. If there is one thing you need to be stocked up on for winter – it has to be the classic Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup!

Angel Delight

It’s hard to believe that this gloriously mousse-y dessert starts its life as a simple packet of powder whisked together with a glug of milk. Initially, Birds – the creators of Angel Delight – released the classic Strawberries and Cream flavour, which to us stands as the ultimate in nostalgic desserts. However, over the years they have released new tastes such as Banana, Butterscotch, and Chocolate to appeal to a wider market. Angel Delight is loved so much by people all over our nation that it was named Britain’s “favourite childhood dish” in a 2015 survey by Food Network.

Treacle Tart and Custard

This firm favourite just screams childhood for us as it was a regular edition to the dessert offering served up after polishing off your school dinner. Nothing quite compared to the sticky sweetness of the golden syrup, combined with the hint of tartness from the lemon juice; all served up on a buttery pastry base. When you add the light hints of vanilla found in custard – it’s a match made in heaven (or at least the school hall anyway!).

Spaghetti Hoops

Another quick and easy meal enjoyed by many kids up and down the country for years is the iconic Heinz Spaghetti Hoops. These circular spaghetti pieces swimming in the classic tomato sauce were enjoyed as a side dish, on a hearty slice of bread, smothered over a steaming hot jacket potato, or simply on their own. Nothing quite puts a smile on your face like when you were allowed a sprinkle of grated cheese on top to take this dish to the next level! However, most importantly, let’s not forget that carefully scooping the hoops up onto the prongs of your fork is the only true way to enjoy this childhood classic.

Rhubarb and Custard Travel Sweets

We think it is safe to say that no childhood car journey with your Grandparents would be complete with a tin of boiled travel sweets rattling around in the glove compartment! For us, combining these with the iconic British dessert flavours of rhubarb and custard is a nostalgia-must to truly take you down memory lane.