Top Snacks for Spring

Top Snacks for Spring

We are confident that many of you will agree that this past winter has seemed to drag on for an absolute lifetime

Emily Marcham · 5 minute read

We are confident that many of you will agree that this past winter has seemed to drag on for an absolute lifetime. But, fear not, the desperately awaited promise of lighter evenings, blossoming flowers, and dare we say it, warmer weather is just around the corner. Therefore, there is no better time for us to run through our top snacks for Spring for you to indulge in.

Beckys Bakery 4 Sultana Scone

Nothing quite introduces the beginning of spring like a good old-fashioned afternoon tea. So why not dust off the garden furniture and treat you and your loved ones to a truly British classic. These Sultana Scones are gloriously buttery, crumbly, and go perfectly alongside a smothering of Tiptree Seedless Raspberry Jam. Of course, you also need to make sure you have a cup of your favourite brew at the ready for this year’s first afternoon tea.

Birds Trifle Strawberry

Another unbelievably quintessentially British Spring treat has to be the trifle – and Birds know exactly how to titillate our taste buds with their strawberry trifle. This British classic is perfect for having a quick slice at a beautiful picnic on luscious green grass. Plus, this fantastic little trifle kit will be enough to keep the entire family happy as it serves up to 6 people. To make matters even better, this includes absolutely everything you need from the sponge to the custard – even down to the sprinkles on top!

Burtons Jammie Dodgers

An all-time classic for biscuit tins all across our wonderful nation is the scrumptious Jammie Dodger. Whether you love these with your cuppa, as a quick snack, or even taken out on a picnic – nothing quite beats the gloriously fruity jam filling peering up at you through its iconic heart-shaped hole surrounded by two layers of delicious shortbread. Just when you didn’t think this classic could get any better, Jammie Dodgers are now 100% vegan since mid-2020. So now everyone can enjoy this long-time favourite.

Skips Prawn Cocktail

Transport yourself back to the lazy spring days of your youth with another iconic staple that is perfect for either grabbing a quick bag from the cupboard or emptying into a bowl for a party spread. These melt-in-your-mouth delights are the perfect light treat that is loved by children and adults alike all across our nation. If you or any family members are a lover of the unique and tongue-tingling flavours that Skips have to offer, then their prawn cocktail crisps are an absolute must for your spring shopping list.

Branston Orchard Pickle

This fruity pickle created by Britain’s favourite pickle maker will be the perfect companion for any classic snacks or lunches you fancy this spring. The apples, sultanas, and dates used in this slightly spicy relish will pair fantastically with a pork pie, scotch egg, cheese board, or even a quick sarnie. The zingy flavours will make all of these absolutely mouth-watering and should definitely be a staple in your cupboard this coming spring.

Sweets in the City I Love Retro Jar of Joy 

We are sure that this retro jar of sweeties will be an absolute hit amongst big and little kiddies alike – the ideal addition for any occasion. We are confident that the nostalgia will be flowing for many of you as you will find a variety of our childhood favourites bursting out of this jar of retro sweets. You can expect to find anything and everything from your past, including flying saucers, Love Hearts, Drumsticks, Palma Violets, and fizzy Cola Bottles!

Mcvities Chocolate Digestives Strawberry Cheesecake

Although they might not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to the iconic McVities Digestives – we are sure this newly invented flavour from the beloved biscuit maker will be an absolute hit. As part of their recently released British Icons range comes this heavy hitter, which reimagines one of our favourite desserts into a convenient biscuit-sized treat. This fantastic concoction is perfect when dunked in tea or out on a walk and you find yourself in dire need of a sweet treat. Now you can feel like you’re enjoying one of our Nation’s most beloved puddings wherever you are!

Whitworths Extra Juicy Raisins

It’s hard to beat raisins in the snack department. They’re bite-sized, delicious and healthy – so there’s no shame in chowing down on a whole bag of these tart treats this spring. An ideal snack for curbing hunger while on the go, or to keep little one’s satisfied in-between meals. Whitworths soak their raisins to make them even juicier, so you know you’re going to have a fantastically juicy and tasty snack when enjoying their raisins. 

Bassets Sherbert Lemons

While we adore our sweet treats, sometimes a sour snack is just what the doctor ordered. These classic nostalgic sweets harken back to the days of munching on penny sweets with friends down the park. Sucking on the hard lemon shell of these sweets eventually releases the zingy sherbert inside for an explosion of sourness that is a real treat for the tastebuds. 

Cawston Press Apple and Elderflower Juice

Okay, we know, we know… Technically not a “snack” right? However, you are probably going to need something gloriously refreshing to wash down all those tasty snacks and treats! Nothing quite says spring like the smooth and delicious flavours of an ice-cold glass of apple and elderflower. These iconic spring flavours are an absolute dream for a warm spring day in the garden, or on the go.