What You Need for the Perfect Picnic

What You Need for the Perfect Picnic

Emily Marcham · 6 minute read

Ahhh the British Summer Time, nothing quite beats it! Everyone has their favourite thing about it, whether that is feeling glorious warm sun rays beating down on your face, the smell of freshly cut grass, or, quite simply, just being able to get yourself out of the house. As you guys know, we are all about truly British things here at British Corner Shop, and we think it is safe to say that a favourite British pastime in Summer is a picnic. Today we are going to be running through our top tips and absolute essentials to make any British picnic perfect!

The Food

A classic for picnics, lunches, and parties alike is the ever-popular sarnie. This is a must-have for making your picnic perfect as the choices are almost endless! Whether you are a lover of tuna, mayo and sweetcorn, an advocate for cheese and pickle, or a champion for beef and horseradish – you can rest assured that there is a sarnie out there to keep you and your family happy campers!

Another essential for your picnic are those lovely little nibbles that take you back to eating like a little kid. Tasty sausage rolls, glorious cocktail sausages, and the formidable scotch egg are certainly a must for enjoying your afternoon in the sun. But it doesn’t stop there – you can go a bit fancier if you so desire and get a few mini-quiches on the go, or keep it simple and indulge in some chips and dips.

As we all know, it is “famously documented” that all humans have a secondary dessert stomach capable of polishing off a sweet treat – regardless of the amount of savoury goodies already consumed! Therefore, it is imperative that a tasty pud is packed in the cooler (more on that later) to ensure everyone has the full picnic experience. A few of our favourites are Cadbury’s Mini-Rolls, the exceedingly good Mr Kiplings Mini Battenberg Cakes, or you could just keep it plain and simple and bring along your favourite choccy bars.

The Drink

Now you have chowed down on some lovely food at your picnic, you are going to need something to wash that all down with! Something we have fallen in love with recently is a do-it-yourself iced tea, and it couldn’t be simpler! The night before you set off on your picnic, throw a couple bags of your brew of choice and a squeeze of a lemon into a thermos of water and store in the fridge – viola, your own super tasty iced tea!

Although this is our top choice for sipping on at a picnic, we understand this may not be everyone’s cup of tea (pun completely intended). So, therefore, why not pack some classic J20s – which are enjoyed by everyone, young or old. These fruity delights go down perfectly on a warm summer’s day and are available in three fantastic flavours: Orange and Passionfruit, Apple and Mango and Apple and Raspberry!

The Essentials

Nothing can quite put a dampener on your picnic than a lukewarm iced tea (ironically still referred to as ‘iced’ even when no longer cold) or a sweaty sarnie! Therefore, it’s vital you bring your cooler along with you! This can be as simple as a polystyrene box packed to the gunwales with ice blocks, or an all-singing all-dancing electric cooler. Whatever your cooler of choice, make sure it’s on your list when planning your next picnic! 

Although we would love to assume there will be bone dry grass when adventuring out for our picnics, this isn’t always the case and, quite frankly, no one wants a wet bottom! A blanket is therefore essential when planning your picnic. Not only will it help by keeping your shorts or dress dry – it will stop anyone from getting too itchy from sitting on the grass for too long.

As much as us Brits love to lay all day in the sun when it infrequently decides to pay us a visit, it is something we need to make sure we keep an eye on! Although red noses and peeling shoulders seem to be a frequent occurrence for most of us, it certainly should be something we avoid at all costs. As such, making sure you have sun cream at the ready is a definite way to allow you to enjoy those glorious rays, and your fantastic picnic, for the entire day.

We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but on the flip side of making sure you are lathered up in sun cream – this is still a British Summer and, unfortunately, the threat of rain is always a mere few seconds away. Based on this awfully gloomy fact, it is probably a wise move to make sure you have a brolly or two to hand to combat that potentially looming shower!

The Fun Stuff

Finally, let’s move on to the fun stuff that will give you hours of entertainment when enjoying your glorious picnic! Firstly, you are going to need some form of music to keep moods lifted and feet tapping. Bringing along a portable speaker, ideally waterproof (ahem, aforementioned inevitable downpour), is perfect to allow you to play those classic summertime classics that we all cherish. Or, if you are musically inclined, why not go one step further and actually bring along your instrument of choice! Though if the grand piano is your instrument of choice, you might be best off leaving that one at home… 

Another great way to keep you entertained is to bring along some classic outdoor games equipment! Something as simple as a ball and bat alongside a handful of sticks stuck in the ground can start a dearly beloved rounders tournament. Or, speaking of things stuck in the ground, why not play a few rounds of the classic game “stuck in the mud” – this is absolutely perfect if space, or carrying capacity, is slightly lacking. Sometimes, simply thinking ahead of a few games to play can allow you to have hours of fun without even needing to bring anything else along!