Happy 21st Birthday to us!

Happy 21st Birthday to us!

This week, in and amongst all the madness happening in the world we are pausing for a second to celebrate

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This week, in and amongst all the madness happening in the world we are pausing for a second to celebrate. This Friday marks the 21st year British Corner Shop has been making the Best of British Brands accessible to British Food Lovers all around the world. The business was launched in 1999 by a husband and wife team and then bought by our current MD, Mark Callaghan, in 2004. Mark previously lived in America and understood how important it is for Brits to be able to live abroad and still enjoy their home comforts – the potential of the business was immediately clear.

Fast forward 21 years and there are now almost 100 of us in the business with an annual turnover of £16M a year! Each of these 21 years has been a huge learning experience for the business, and we are very proud to be able to provide a service which brings excitement and happiness to homes all around the globe. We love reading customers reviews about the positive impact our service has had on your lives (particularly at the moment) – they genuinely make us feel amazing and make us determined to make this business the best it can be.

British Corner Shop Through the Years

Here are some fun facts that we are passing round to all our team to highlight how far we have come over the years, and we thought customers might enjoy reading them too:

Historically, we have a social event such as a bake-off or BBQ to celebrate these milestones, but of course, with most of us working from home and the rest maintaining social distancing rules, this year we’ll have to re-live the events of days gone by!

British Corner Shop’s 19th birthday in 2019!


As you know, our business exists to supply boxes of British Happiness all around the world, so it seemed in keeping with the nature of the celebration to give our loyal customers a chance to win something yummy!

On our Facebook page today (Friday 8th May 2020), we will be giving British Food Lovers the chance to win 1 of 7 bundles of 3 Brit Kits – that’s 21 kits up for grabs! So, head over to our page if you fancy getting involved.

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