Marks and Spencer Light Up Tins

Introducing: Marks and Spencer Light Up Christmas Tins

Check out these show stopping Christmas Light Up Tins from Marks and Spencer - perfect for Christmas gifts or for a little treat to yourself for the holidays.

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Celebrate Christmas in style with these show stopping Light Up Tins from our friends at Marks and Spencer.

We’ve got three times more Christmas products in our range this year as compared to last year, and we’re really proud of the high quality of our festive range – especially the amazing Light Up Tins from M&S!

Allow us to introduce you to the stars of the show:

Marks and Spencer Starry Night Projection Shortbread Tin

Celebrate the holiday season with this stunning M&S shortbread tin, which contains a light projector to cast the festive scene of a starry night sky across your room. What's more, it plays a delightful Christmas tune when rotated!

The tin contains a selection of incredibly tasty all-butter shortbread rounds and chocolate chunk shortbread rounds.

Click here to learn more and shop M&S Starry Night Projection Shortbread Tin.

Marks and Spencer Light Up Lantern Shortbread Tin

These M&S Light Up Lanterns aren't just a beautiful Christmas decoration, but they also contain a pack of delicious buttery shortbread shapes inside!

Perfect for gifting or for treating yourself for the holidays. These lanterns come in gold, silver or bronze (one supplied) and cast a gorgeous festive glow.

Click here to learn more and shop M&S Light Up Lantern Shortbread Tin.

Marks and Spencer Swiss Mountain Light Up Tin

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the chocolate connoisseur in your life? How about this light-up mountain tin filled with indulgent Swiss chocolate truffles from M&S?

This beautiful light-up Swiss mountain tin is filled with luxury milk, dark, orange and hazelnut flavoured Swiss truffles.

Click here to learn more and shop M&S Swiss Mountain Light Up Tin.

Marks and Spencer Hot Chocolate Light Up Tin

These light up tins from M&S are a wonderful Christmas decoration that contain sachets of delicious hot chocolate mix! They come in gold, silver or bronze (one supplied) and are decorated with a lovely Christmas scene.

Perfect as a gift for the chocolate lover in your life, or as a treat to yourself. Enjoy the stunning glow of this tin while sipping a luxury hot chocolate in front of a Christmas movie.

Click here to learn more and shop M&S Hot Chocolate Light Up Tin.

Marks and Spencer Tea Light Up Tin

Need a gift for a Brit missing home? How about a beautiful light-up lantern filled with luxury tea bags?

Decorated with a snowy, festive illustration, these tins come in gold, silver and bronze (one supplied). They are filled with traditional English breakfast teabags so you can enjoy a warming cup of tea while watching the Christmas lights twinkle.

Click here to learn more and shop M&S Tea Light Up Tin.

When are the M&S Light Up Tins available and how long for?

They’re available to add to your basket right now! The M&S Light Up Tins are part of our Christmas range, so they’re around for the holiday season only. We’d advise you to purchase these sooner rather than later as they’re already proving to be incredibly popular, especially as gifts.

Browse all M&S Light Up Tins here.

How do the lights/music work?

The lights are operated using a battery operated candle. At the base of the tin you’ll find a switch; simply slide it to the ‘on’ position and you’ll see the light shining through the tin. The lights look their best when in a dark room, with the lid on, and with the tin emptied of the goodies inside.

For the Starry Night projection tin, activate the light projector by pressing the button at the base of the dome. Activate the music by rotating the dome clockwise.

Why are these tins so great?

If you’re not already convinced based on how beautiful they are, you will be once you smell the delicious contents inside!

Marks and Spencer are known for the high quality of their products, and the contents of these light up tins are no exception. The shortbread is made to a traditional recipe in Scotland, and are incredibly buttery and delicious. The Swiss truffles are luxurious, really melting in the mouth. And the tea and hot chocolate are incredibly flavourful – really packing a punch!

What’s more, as these tins are also Christmas decorations, they can be brought out again and again at future Christmases! Whether you place them somewhere as a decoration or fill them again with Christmas goodies, these tins are guaranteed to impress Christmas guests for years to come.

Where can I buy these M&S Light Up Tins?

Thanks to our partnership with Marks and Spencer, you can purchase these light up tins for delivery wherever you are in the world* at British Corner Shop.

With quick delivery and expert packaging, you can trust in us to safely deliver these beautiful Christmas tins to you and your loved ones for the holidays.

*Please note that there are restrictions on where we can deliver M&S products. To check whether we can deliver M&S products to your country, click here.

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