Christmas tins and tubs including celebrations, roses and quality street

The Battle of the British Christmas Chocolates

The nation's favourite Christmas chocolate tub is revealed...

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Ever wondered what the nation’s favourite Christmas chocolate is?

Here in Britain, we go crazy for chocolate at Christmas time. Enter any British household in the weeks leading up to Christmas and you’ll likely find a tin or tub of chocolate open and ready to share around with family and friends.

Four of the most popular and most loved selection tubs of chocolate here in the UK are: Cadbury Heroes, Cadbury Roses, Nestle Quality Street and Mars Celebrations.

We asked our customers and British food lovers what their top choice of these four is, to help determine the nation’s favourite, and the results are in…

4th place: Celebrations

Celebrations received the fewest votes in our survey, but not by a large margin. We’d argue that Celebrations are the most recognisable of British chocolates – in fact, we recently conducted a blind taste test here at British Corner Shop HQ and our lovely team members seemed able to name the chocolates from Celebrations most easily out of the four chocolate tubs.

Celebrations consists of many of Mars’ best known and loved chocolate bars in miniature form: Mars, Snickers, Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel, Milky Way, Twix, Maltesers Teasers and Bounty.

We can’t help but think that the main reason these got bottom place is purely because of the Bounty… you either love or hate that chocolate/coconut combination!

3rd place: Cadbury Heroes

In bronze position is Cadbury Heroes, the miniature selection of all of Cadbury’s bestselling chocolate bars. These were made to rival Celebrations, and it seems they’ve succeeded based on our survey results!

Heroes are a great choice for a gift, because who doesn’t love the delicious, smooth taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk? It is also a great choice for those who want to know exactly what they’re getting, as they’re likely familiar with all the chocolates included.

Cadbury Heroes contains mini bites of: Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel, Crunchie, Wispa, Twirl, Fudge, Eclair, Double Decker and Creme Egg. A wonderful variety of tastes and textures!

It seems that there’s no universal favourite or least favourite choice in this mix of chocolates, so you can ensure there’s something for the whole family to enjoy with none left over.

2nd place: Cadbury Roses

Runner up goes to Cadbury Roses! For a more traditional chocolate selection, still made with the creamy taste of Cadbury chocolate, look no further than this tub of choccies.

A selection of Cadbury chocolates encasing a variety of fillings, including: Caramel, Country Fudge, Signature Truffle, Hazelnut in Caramel, Hazelnut Whirl, Strawberry Dream, Tangy Orange Cream, the Golden Barrel and of course, a standard Dairy Milk bite.

Did you know that Cadbury Roses are named as such because roses were the favourite flower of director of the company and renowned botanist, Dorothy Cadbury? Cadbury Roses have been a family favourite since 1938 and have cemented themselves as a staple in most British households during the festive season.

1st place – Quality Street

The winner of the Battle of the British Christmas Chocolate comes as no surprise to us here at British Corner Shop, as Quality Street has been in the top-sellers list at Christmas for many years!

Originally founded back in 1936 and named after J. M. Barrie's play, Quality Street have been another favourite chocolate selection in Britain for years, containing toffees as well as chocolates. Quality Street was bought by Nestle in 1988, but many of the original flavours have remained.

In a tub of Quality Street, you’ll find: The Purple One, The Green Triangle, Toffee Finger, Strawberry Delight, Caramel Swirl, Milk Choc Block, Orange Crunch, Orange Creme, Fudge, Coconut Éclair, Toffee Penny and Milk Chocolate Block.

It seems their original tagline still rings true: “No one says no to Quality Street!”


Some other Christmas chocolates that have received a special nod from you British food lovers include: After Eight, Ferrero Rocher, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Matchmakers, Chocolate Brazil Nuts and Nestle’s Black Magic.

Whatever your British Christmas chocolate of choice is, rest assured we at British Corner Shop can deliver it to you wherever you are in the world, so that you can have a Great British Christmas.

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