Top 10 Easter Essentials You Don’t Want to Miss

Top 10 Easter Essentials You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to Easter, there are some things that we couldn’t possibly imagine missing out on over the holiday period

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When it comes to Easter, there are some things that we couldn’t possibly imagine missing out on over the holiday period. Of course, we all know Easter is where chocolate reigns as king. But, there are so many more things that make our Easter quintessentially British. Below are our top 10 Easter essentials that we believe are an absolute must in order to properly celebrate the holiday!

1) Hot Cross Buns

We cannot think of a better way to start your Easter morning than with a delicious buttery hot-cross bun. These tasty treats are made with juicy sultanas and can be enjoyed as an indulgent breakfast, or as a snack at any time during the day. We like ours slathered in butter and with a good old dollop of marmalade

2) Egg and soldiers

Easter and eggs go hand-in-hand so, of course, another great Easter breakfast choice for children (and big kids alike) is the classic dippy egg and soldiers. Slices of fluffy yet crispy golden toasted Warburtons bread make the ideal ‘soldier’ to dunk in your lovely runny yolk. 

3) Lamb and Mint Sauce

It wouldn’t be a British holiday without a roast dinner, and the classic lamb and mint sauce combo are as synonymous with Easter as turkey and cranberry sauce are for Christmas. The pairing of juicy roast lamb together with the tang of mint sauce is a match made in heaven. 

For our vegetarian/vegan friends – never fear you can still enjoy mint sauce with your roast! There are lots of recipes out there that replicate the lamb using tofu and these pair just as well with our favourite mint sauce.

4) Gravy

We think it is probably a crime to not have gravy on a roast – or at the very least a cardinal sin. So it goes without saying that this is an essential item for your Easter roast dinner. As well as their traditional style gravy, Bisto also does a delicious lamb gravy using real meat juices. To pack a further punch, why not try making the gravy using the juices from your lamb as well as the usual hot water?

5) Stuffing

Stuffing is a good old-fashioned staple when it comes to our roast dinners. While many people may know and love the classic sage and onion style stuffing we think that the apricot and almond stuffing that Shropshire Spice offer is the perfect accompaniment to your roast lamb. The sweetness of the apricots brings a delicious twist to classic stuffing.

6) Seasoning

Every great chef knows that the secret to making a delicious meal is all in the seasoning, and this is definitely one way you can elevate your Easter roast to the next level. Schwartz’s lamb seasoning contains mint, rosemary, and garlic to help enhance the flavour of your Easter roast lamb. Don’t fancy messing with your meat? (or if like us you think “the more garlic the better”) Schwartz’s have also got you covered for seasoning your roast potatoes with their garlic and rosemary potato seasoning blend.

7) Tea

Tea is essential for most Brits on every day of the year – not just Easter! So of course we had to include the famous brew on our list as we are sure you will want at least one cuppa throughout the day. Whether that is in the morning with your brekkie, as part of an Easter afternoon tea, or literally any other time it takes your fancy. Whether your love a classic builders tea, a fruity herbal, green, or decaf tea  – we here at British Corner Shop have got you covered with a huge selection of teas to choose from.

8) Dessert

There’s no denying that we Brits love a sweet treat. So of course dessert has to be served following your Easter roast. It’s safe to say, here at British Corner Shop we love chocolate cake. Luckily for us, Cadbury has created a delicious chocolate gateau cake topped with one of our favourite Easter treats – mini eggs! For those of you who prefer slightly less rich, zestier desserts we highly recommend Mr Kipling’s Lemon Bakewells

For all you budding bakers out there, why not have a go at making your own dessert? Whether you’re a make-it-from-scratch kind of person or a box-mix baker, we’ve got you covered!

9) Carrot soup

Having spent the majority of the day eating hot-cross buns, tucking into a roast with all the trimmings followed by dessert, all washed down with lots of tea; you’re probably not going to want to have a heavy dinner. This is why a lovely warming, yet light tin of carrot soup is just what the doctor ordered. We’re not entirely sure where the whole rabbits’ equal Easter comes from. But, they do have one thing right, carrots are pretty darn tasty.

10) Chocolate

Last, but most certainly not least, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without one thing – chocolate! From chocolate eggs in all shapes and sizes to any number of different Easter-themed chocs, we love to chomp on our favourite chocolates during Easter. Our top three all-time favourites are Mini Eggs, Malteaser Bunnies, and the iconic Cadbury Creme Egg. In fact, we love Creme Eggs so much we dedicated an entire article to them!

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